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Pneumatic Control Valves
Avcon Controls Pvt. Limited
AvconAvcon is a highly motivated team of Technical, Managerial Professionals with strong commitments to excellence in presentation of AUTOMATED VALVES. which includes SOLENOID-MOTORISED-PNEUMATIC OPERATED VALVES, used in diversed field where automation is needed. AVCON's motto is " QUALITY + TECHNOLOGY + PERFORMANCE ". This ensures "the worth of money you spend on buying automated valves". Innovative and pioneer spirit in AVCON to develop Industrial Duty Automated Valves, resulted in presenting most comprehensive and complete range of Solenoid Valves, recognized everywhere the Quality products and yet economically priced. More than 3000 standard product range with many customized variations are available for clients, for selection, to suit their individual requirements. Three plants located in MUMBAI and PUNE, Sales Offices in DELHI, CHENNAI, BARODA, KOLKATA, HYDRABAD, COIMBATORE, are equipped with factory trained Sales and Service Engineers. Who are ready to solve application problem, related to automated Valves, needed for automation. Complete Computerized order Processing and Production Quality Control System, Latest Manufacturing Technique by using CAD/CAM, CNC Machining and assembling systems, ensures high precision product, completely interchangeable and suiting to aesthetic of modern times, yet economically produced.
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H. P. Valves Mfg.Co.
H.H.P. VALVES MFG. CO. Mfrs. & Expts. Of Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Safety Valve, P.r.v. Pulp Valve, Butterfly Valve, Strainer, Check Valve.
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Nirmal Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd
NirmalStarting in 1973, as an expert in control valve solutions for tricky & hazardous services, Nirmal has today emerged as Pioneer and leader in India, in the field of self actuated pressure control valves, low pressure nitrogen blanketing systems, gas pressure reducing station with safety shut off & metering skids. Our achievements in the above field are based on our own know how & indigenous materials Continuous development of technology through our incessant efforts, in - depth study, rigorous trials on shop floor, field installation survey & standardization have placed us in an unique position to assimilate advance technology to come up with the sophisticated product range of absolute security, innovation & reliability. Our team of experienced Engineers undertakes application engineering, scheme preparation & suggests cost effective solutions. We have expanded. Our reputation & experience has resulted in our in-depth knowledge being called upon in increasingly diverse fields. Our factory in Asangaon near Mumbai caters to the rapid expansion needs of manufacturing capacity.In the wake of globalization, high quality fast deliveries for made to order products and attractive prices are the order of the day. This is achieved through tight control & standardization of manufacturing process, using CNCmachines & computerized test set up, implementing quality system accredited with ISO-9001 certification and last but not the least commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe it our responsibility to fulfill today & anticipate tomorrow, what our customers need & this service has no limit & goes beyond our products.To achieve this, we have a "Customer Support Cell" to help to maximize performance, productivity & profitability through your investment in Nirmal products
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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.


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