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Products & Services - LNG Filters

Cartridge Filter Housing :

The Cartridge Filter Housing by LNG Filters is used for fine filtration of the process fluid. Its Liquid Filtration System is designed based on various process parameters e.g. Flow rate, Temperature, Pressure. Cartridge filter vessels meet the requirement of the broad range of liquid and gas applications. It is also used for the recovery of precious catalyst in the Pharmaceutical industry. Multiple options are available for fitment of filter cartridges i.e. Single Open End (SOE), Double Open End (DOE), etc.

Features & Benifits :

Fine/Polish filtration

Higher filtration efficiency

Optimum Pressure Drop

Suitable for Backwash arrangement

Higher efficacy in Catalyst recovery

Flow rate of 800 M/hr and more

Quick opening closure for Multiple cartridge housing

Jacketed filter housing for critical application

Hygienic/Zero hold up design for dairy, Food & beverages, pharmaceutical application

Use of Pressure transmitter to monitor the life of filter cartridges

Performance validation available as per ASTM F 795 -88

Performance Validation for Bacterial retention available as per ASTM 838 -15 A

Material Of Construction :

Stainless Steel Gr. 304/304L/316/316L

Stainless Steel Duplex Gr. 2205

Carbon Steel

Alloy material

Lining with any metal

Moulded PVC


Cartridge Filter Housing


Bag Filter Housing :

LNG Filters is leading Bag Filter Housing Manufacturer. The bag filter housing is a versatile equipment to remove the foreign particles from process fluid with high flow rates under stringent operating parameters. As a responsible Liquid Filtration Systems Manufacturer, we continuously improve the design of our bag filter housing that leads to the added advantage of high dirt holding capacity, therefore it is used as pre-filter prior to fine filtration equipment. Bag filter housing offers excellent service where the process fluid is vicious as the free flow area is abundant compared to the cartridge filter housing. Our bag filter housing is designed to have the lowest pressure drop using the latest analytical techniques.

LNG Filters is one of the only few Liquid Filtration Systems Manufacturer, who focus on research and development to ensure that it serves a broad variety of applications. We have a vast experience in servicing the processes industry as a leader of Bag Filter Housing Manufacturer.

Features & Benifits :

Suitable for high dirt load application

Abundant free flow area

Lower pressure drop

Suitable for Viscous process fluid

Positive sealing arrangement with no bypass

Broad chemical compatibility of filter bag materials

Jacketed filter housings for critical application

The arrangement of magnet to retain ferrous particles

Suitable for high flow rates

ASME code Stamp available

Multiple bag filter housing as per process parameters

Sanitary design for Dairy, Food & beverages, Pharmaceutical application

Performance validation available as per ASTM F 795 -88

Material Of Construction :

Stainless steel Gr. 304/304L/316/316L

Stainless Steel Duplex Gr. 2205

Carbon steel

Internal lining on any metal

Moulded PVC housing


Bag Filter Housing


Strainer Housing :

LNG Filters is a leading Strainers Housing Manufacturer. The strainers are used to remove the foreign particles from process fluid and prevent the damage to equipment installed downstream i.e. valves, pumps, fine filters, etc. Strainers are used for coarse filtration.

The primary classification of strainers based on construction is as follows:

1. Basket type strainer

2. T - Strainer

3. Y - Strainer

We are a leading Strainers Housing Manufacturer as our Strainers are made of Stainless steel or GI wire mesh with supporting perforation for mechanical strength. It is cleanable type; hence it can be reused after cleaning it as per recommended guidelines. We are considered the best Basket Filter Housing Manufacturer because we work on to improve the operational efficiency of our clients. Our strainers are designed with optimum free flow area which gives a lower pressure drop across the system. The lower pressure drop saves the pumping energy and reduces the overall operation cost.

Features & Benifits :

High dirt retention capacity

Cleanable and reusable type

Lower pressure drop saves the pumping energy

Lower operation cost

Inline design available

Quick opening closure for hassle free maintenance

ASME code stamp available

NACE certification for Sour service

Sanitary design for dairy, Food & beverage, pharmaceutical application

Performance Validation available as per ASTM F 795 - 88

Material Of Construction :

Stainless steel Gr. 304, 316, 2205 and other

Carbon steel

Alloy material

Cast steel

Lining with any metal


Strainer Housing


Pleated dust Collection bags :

The Pleated Dust Collection filter bags have added advantage over conventional bag & cage type arrangement i.e. higher filtration area, Lower Pressure Drop, Reduction in size of dust collection system. Our pleated cartridges are available in the variety of paper filter media and treatment as per requirement of the application. The paper filter media exhibits the surface filtration and excellent cake release properties. The treatment of filter media is selected based on application requirement.

Key Features:

Higher filtration area compared to conventional filter bag

Effective cake release characteristic

Surface filtration

Longer service life

Ultrasonically fused longitudinal joint

Outer bands for mechanical strength

Material Of Construction:

Moulded Polyurethane

Moulded Natural Rubber

Moulded EPDM



Pleated dust Collection bags


Conventional dust collection bags :

The filter bags are extensively used in dust collection system along with supporting filter cages. The bags are made of Woven/Non-woven filter media as per application requirement. It is manufactured In the state of art production facility. We also provide validation service to ensure the selection of adequate filtration media.

Filter Media:

The filter media and its area weight is selected based on the various parameters i.e. Temperature, Chemical compatibility, Nature of dust, Emission level. The below mentioned filter medias are available:



Aramid [ NomexR ]

Glass Fibre

PPS [ Ryton ]

Polyimide [ P84 ]

Acrylic copolymer

Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile

PTFE [ Teflon ]

Treatment On The Filter Media:

The surface treatment of filter media is used to promote the specific property of media i.e Enhance cake release property, Enhance water & oil repellence, to conduct static electricity, to retard combustibility etc. The below mentioned treatment available on specific filter media.


Flame retardant

PTFE Surface coating

ePTFE membrane



Conventional dust collection bags


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