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Site For Cement Factory


The location of cement factory should be decided carefully. Following are the guiding factors which are to be paid attention to while making selection for site of a proposed cement factory:

(1) Climatic conditions: The Site For Cement Factory should be selected in such a way that its climatic conditions are favorable for site of a proposed cement factory.

(2) Labour: The site should be such that it is possible to procure the required labour easily and economically.

(3) Market: The Site For Cement Factory should be as far as possible, near to the market of sale. This will decrease the cost of transport and minimize the chances of spoiling the cement during transport.

(4) Power: The Availability of power and fuel at economic rates should also be considered.

(5) Raw materials: These should be available easily and continuously around the area of site under consideration.

(6) Transport facilities: The site for a cement factory should be such that transport facilities are available for raw materials and finished products.

(7) Miscellaneous: It is necessary to have parks, gardens, recreation centers, etc. near the site for a cement factory. Such arrangements would be helpful forgiving relaxation to the officers and workers of the factory.

It may be mentioned that the above conditions are meant for an ideal Site For Cement Factory. It is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain such a site in practice. It therefore becomes necessary to select a site which satisfies most of the conditions mentioned above.

(4) Technology: There has been several advances in instrumentation, computerization and quality control. The application of the modern technology has made the production of cement by dry process more economical and of superior quality.

Following is the procedure of manufacture of cement by the dry process using modern technology:

(1) Most of the cement factories are loca

All the cement plants set up after 1980 use the dry process for the manufacture of cement. In this process, the calcareous materials such as limestone are crushed and stored in silos or storage tanks. The argillaceous material such as clay is thoroughly mixed with water in a container known as the wash mill. This washed clay is stored in basins.

Now, the crushed limestone from silos and wet clay fro basins are allowed to fall in a channel I correct proportions. This channel leads the materials to grinding mills where they are brought into intimate contact to form what is known as the slurry. The grinding is carried out either in ball mill or tube mill or both. The slurry is led to correcting basin where it is constantly stirred. At this stage, the chemical composition. Is adjusted as necessary. The corrected slurry is stored in storage tanks and kept ready to serve as feed for rotatary kiln.

It is thus seen that in case of mixing of raw materials by dry process, the raw mix is formed and in case of mixing of raw materials by wet process, the slurry is formed. The remaining two operations namely, burn and grinding, are the same for both the processes.

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