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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
Valves / Check Valves
Dip-Flon Engineering & Company
Dip-FlonDip-Flon Engineering & Company is one of India's distinguished manufacturers, fabricators and exporters of PTFE/ Teflon moulded and Teflon lined components. The range includes Teflon (PFA-FEP) lined ball valves, plug valves, flush bottom valves, check valves, dip pipes, spragers, feed pipes, butterfly valves, spindles, flow tubes, Teflon spares for glass-lined vessels and reactors and equipments, DFE compressors spare and many more. The company has state-of-the-art infrastructure and a dedicated workforce that enables it to satisfactorie meet the market requirement. The comprehensive product range includes PTFE lined valves. The Dipflon float check valve combines the corrosion resistance and product purity of FLO-VU sight glass with a unique Teflon PFA ball float assembly that prevents overfilling of the bottom chamber. It is intended as a means of preventing vent-line contamination in sampling or dosing of application.
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Econo Valves Pvt. Ltd
EconoFor over two extraordinary decades, Econo Valves has been a highly focused and integrated manufacturer of proprietary ANSI grade flow control products in India, delivering component and turnkey solutions to a range of process industries in Asia and Middle East. We serve oil & gas, petrochemicals, steel, power, refinery, energy infrastructure (pipeline) and allied sectors.

Our exclusive focus on flow control products, valves and actuators, delivers to industrial customers a singular commitment to meeting customer requirements with the finest possible quality. Our state-of-the-art design and production facility offers a comprehensive source and short delivery times – with added benefits of unsurpassed high ‘value to cost’ ratio and low life cycle costs. We also offer seamless after-market services including parts replacement, repair, remanufacture, and performance management ensuring safe and efficient operations at customer sites.

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Expert Engineering Enterprises
ExpertExpert was founded in 1981, started as a unit making few types of valves initially for specific customers. Mr. A.R.Kalluraya and Mr. S.S.Lokur are the founders, who have over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Mr.Vinayak Lokur, CEO joined the company in 1994. Since then we are increasing our product range every year. We have today a full-fledged manufacturing facility backed up by design, production and marketing services handled by experienced professionals.

At Expert, we have promoted a work culture tuned to Customer Focus through good business practices and continuous improvement.

The zeal to strive for excellence percolates from the management to the workforce. The entire team is geared up for result oriented team work through continuous improvement on all fronts. We are confident to take up challenging assignments.

Our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork and Accountability are the very heart of our primary responsibility to provide our customers high quality and value at a fair price with honest transactions.

We have a flat organization structure and practice an open and transparent feedback system tuned to improvements.

Our products are being sold in the International Markets by us directly as well as the Original Equipment Organisations in India, to whom we sell under their brand.

We are keen to develop collaborative business relationships with partners in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Middle East, Far East & US

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Flosteer Engineers Pvt. Limited
FlosteerFlosteer Engineers Pvt. Ltd: An ISO 9001:2000 accoredited specialized Valves Manufacturing Company, Manufacturing manual, automatic, pneumatic, electrical actuated, industrial valves. The company is having advanced engineering capabilities and innovation driven focus to continuously expand our offering of Quality Industrial Valves. At this stage, The intensions of the company are to explore and discuss business opportunities with companies who have requirements and later stage consider the type of business co-operation. The company manufacturing Full Range of Valves and welcomes you at the website containing full information of Valves with Ranges, Sizes, Material of Construction, Pressure Charts, Connection details, Standard details, Applications, Working fluid & Gases, etc.
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Fluid Power Engineers
img_not_available37, Shree Hari Indl. Estate, Near Soni's Chawl, N. H. No. 8, Rakhial,
Ahmedabad - 380023

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Forbes Marshall
ForbesIn association with Spirax Sarco of the UK, Spirax Marshall manufactures a wide range of Energy Efficiency products and system to enhance productivity and efficiency of utilities. Spirax Sarco is one of the World's best known names in Steam Efficiency engineering. Over more than 50 years, Spirax Sarco has brought to industry a comprehensive range of Steam traps, trap monitoring systems, Pressure reducing stations, temperature controllers, energy recovery systems and online efficiency monitoring and control packages.

Spirax Marshall products and systems work throughout the steam and condensate circuit of a process plant and ensure efficiencies in steam generation, steam distribution, steam utlisation and condensate recovery.

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Forbes Marshall (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd
ForbesFor over half a century, Forbes Marshall has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Energy, Efficiency and process automation, using the best technology the world has to offer. 50 years ago we started out with steam generation solutions. Today we comprise seven group companies & four Joint Ventures with internationally renowned companies. We have twenty-three Regional Sales & Service Centers in India & ten Overseas offices & representatives. In the last five decades Forbes Marshall has grown from a modest, Mumbai based trading company to a multi-divisional, ISO 9001 certified global company manufacturing advanced engineering products for the world's process industries. Forbes Marshall is probably the only company in the world to have extensive expertise in both steam and control instrumentation. The dual expertise has allowed us to engineer industry specific systems that focus on energy efficiency and utilities management for sectors as diverse as textiles, food processing, paper, power and chemicals. We have been first in India with most of our products & developed products now for world markets that no one else makes. Steam traps - we are among the top 5 steam trap manufacturers world-wide Boilers - at 180 boilers, we are at a global scale - among the top 20 world-wide Condensate Pumps - among the top 10 world wide Flow meters - among the top 20 world wide Vibration monitoring - now second only to Japan for Shinkawa Pressure Reducing Stations - among the top 5 world wide Thermocompressors - among the top 5 for Thermocompressor systems Energy Audits - at 120 + audits per year for two years, we are the largest firm world wide in the thermal audit business Dust monitors - we sell 40+ a year; which is more than what Codel sell in any other country including the UK
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Intervalve India Limited
IntervalveIntervalve® (India) Ltd. Quality valve for the world…Since its inception in 1987, Intervalve® (India) makes the choicest of sleevelined Butterfly & Check valves, based on Dutch technology. Recently Intervalve® have widened our product base with the launch of Ball Valves. These quality products have a high standard of design and accuracy that meet international specifications.Thus, it has cornered a major market share in India's process industries.Besides it also exports to countries like UK, USA, Germany, South East Asia and Middle East. With over 5,00,000 valves supplied to the Indian industry, Intervalve® (India) has indeed reached a critical mass, from where it is set to fly much higher, in its product category International Stamp of quality : Intervalve® (India) is an ISO 9001 certified company and has also obtained CE marking as per the Pressure Equipment Directive for the valves required for export to the European Union. Intervalve® (India) also manufactures Butterfly valves qualified as per API 607 for fire safe applications
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Ksb Pumps Limited
KsbWater on the move is the motor of life in nature. It is also the driving force behind every civilisation - in the jungle, in the desert and for millions of people in cities around the world. Wherever water needs to be supplied or disposed of, KSB is on hand. Our ultra-modern pump and valve technology and comprehensive service get things moving. KSB products transport much more than just water.

They will get more or less any liquid to where you want it. Efficiently, economically and reliably. In applications that range from building services to industrial processes, water engineering, mining and energy technology. KSB pumps and valves provide and distribute water to private, public and industrial buildings. They solve heating and air-conditioning problems. Chemical, petrochemical and many other companies use them to transport aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solids-laden and viscous liquids. KSB products deal with industrial and municipal waste water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Wherever these products are in use, they ensure that processes run smoothly and economically - and that stay that way.

KSB is a market leader around the globe. 13,300 employees know that success comes from more than just pumps and valves. Satisfying customers means keeping in close touch with them. It means offering them top-class packages, value for money, comprehensive care, regional service centres, and all the back-up they want. Wherever our cutomers are, we're there to help.

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Labline Instruments
LablineLabline Instruments is formed in 2002 by the group of scientists, engineers & consultants having more than 17 years of experience in the world of scientific instruments. Labline is a small group of people with dedication to the world of scientific instruments in Indian market. Our main aim is to offer state of the art scientific instruments to all customers with commitment of excellence in service & customer support. Our strength is endless list of satisfied customers. We try to answer your all queries related to scientific instruments under one roof. We cover length & breadth of India though our branch offices/consultants spread across the country.

Presently we deal with SPM (AFM/STM/EFM/MFM), Contact Angle meter, Tensiometer, Zeta Potential Meter, Rheometer, Viscometer, Surface Modification by plasma treatment, Product testing/Facilities monitoring, AFM Probes,CHNO Consumables, DSC Consumables.

We have launched for the first time in Indian market various schemes of up gradation/buyback/exchange old/non working instruments with state of art new instruments with exciting prices. We offer special custom build instruments as per specific requirement of end user.

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Sant Valves Pvt. Limited
SantSant Valves Pvt.Ltd, Came to the service of The nation in the year 1953,. Its Present shape is mainly due to the contribution of our founder & guiding force late. Thakur Ganpat Rai. It was under his able guidance and leadership and along with his team of Directors that the Company grew leaps & bounds. SANT VALVES PVT.LTD. is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company, Manufacturing Industrial. Valves in Various materials in different pressure/temperature rating and sizes ranging from 8mm to 400mm. SANT VALVES modern well-equipped establishment with all the facilities necessary for the design and manufacture of valves to the International & National quality standards, with a team of highly qualified engineers and quality control systems to ensure top quality products for most demanding applications in Water, Oil, Gas & Steam lines. With over 500 dealers throughout INDIA, our brand names 'SANT' & "SBM' are popular not just in the country but abroad also. Our products are regularly exported to south Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangaldesh and Malaysia.
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Shenco Valves Pivate Limited
ShencoWe take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading industrial unit manufacturing various types of BALL VALVES the brand name of “SHENCO”.

When late Mr. Maheshkumar Panchal established Shenco Valves Pvt. Ltd, he brought with him decades of practical field experience. His in depth knowledge of the special demands of critical service valves for the processing petrochemical and pipeline industries was to provide a unique asset to the company.

It has been this asset i.e. thorough knowledge & constant research & development because of which shenco valves pvt. Ltd. survive have flourished through two decades while other companies of it’s generation have not been able to maintain the same rate of growth.

In 1988, Shenco relocated its manufacturing activities at Santej. This 7200 square feet building was specially designed to provide complete and efficient service to meet the needs of all valve market participants including end users, engineering contractors and distributors.

Shenco maintains a very large inventory of ball valves. We are dedicated to provide quality and reliability in products and service and our extensive experience guarantees a high level of craftsmanship, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

After the unfortunate demise of Mr. Maheshkumar Panchal, we at Shenco are committed to the mission set forth by him.

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Whiteland Engineering Technology Pvt Ltd
WhitelandWith emphasis upon quality and complete customer satisfaction, we provide a smart solution for a variety of standard and custom designed valves and valve accessories. Whiteland Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with its ability to manufacture innovative products adhering to different quality standards. We were founded in the year 1999, and backed by a team of highly experienced professionals created a niche for ourselves within a very short span of time to become a name to reckon with. Today, we are the most reputed manufacturer and exporter of a massive range of products such as Sluice Valve, Non-Return Valve, Air Release Valve, Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve and Sluice Gates. These products, all made of supreme quality metal and with the aid of cutting edge technology, are acclaimed worldwide because of their reliability and unmatched quality.

At Whiteland Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we crave for perfection and strive to achieve the highest quality standard through continuous research and improvement. For us, quality remains the touchstone of success, and we leave no stone unturned to sustain the faith that our customers place upon us. At present, we are a reputed member of many reputed organizations such as VMDA, LUB (Laghu Udyog Bharti), IIF (Indian Institute of Finance), and many more.

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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.


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