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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
  Acoustic & Thermal Insulation
Anand Reddiplex Ltd
AnandManufaturers and Suppliers of Weather Stripping/Wool Pile UV
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Ashish Industries
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of
Acoustic Insulation Container,Acoustic Insulation Enclosure,Acoustic Insulatated Room,Acoustic Insulated Canopies,Trolleys,Special Type Container,Acoustic Insulation To Conference Hall,Acoustic Insulation To Auditorium,Silencers,Pipe Insulation,Ventilation System,Mufflers.
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Citadel Architectural Solution Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableLouver Roof & Screen System, Polycarbonate Sheets, PVC Folding, Doors Turbo Ventilators, Aluminium Composite Panels , Adjustable Daylight Control System Transulent Sheets.
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Dow Chemical Internation Pvt Ltd
DowDow has a range of products to fit your application needs: ROOFMATE™ SL / STYROFOAM™ SL, STYROFOAM IB, STYROFOAM TG, STYROFOAM HD 300, General Product Application Information.
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Fibretex Industries (India)
FibretexManufaturers and Suppliers of
Fibrecrete Woodwool Insulation Boards,Fibrecrete Fibra Fabric Woodwool Insulation Board,Fibrecrete Micro Fibre Ceiling Tiles,Fibrestyrene Woodwool Insulation Board,Fibrecrete Glasswool / Mineral Wool Sandwich Pannel,Fibrecrete Flooring Tiles.
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Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd
GanpatiManufaturers and Suppliers of Servo Voltage Stabilizer,Diesel Generator Sets,Busbars,UPS,Earthing,Acoustic Insulations,Aviation Lights,HT & LT Materials / Transformers.
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Geosis India
GeosisManufacturers of Vermiculite Based Roof Thermal Insulation & Wallputty. Construction Chemical.
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Jolly Board Ltd
JollyJolly Board is India's largest fibreboard manufacturer. The company produces a wide range of hardboards and softboards that strive to meet India's industrial and domestic requirements. The company exports 50% of it's softboard production. The comprehensiv
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Kavita Trading Co.
KavitaManufaturers and Suppliers of Thermal resistance,Excellent chemical resistance,Heat resistance,High electrical insulating and dielectric properties,Dimensional stability.
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LKS Acoustic Engineering
img_not_availableManufacturers of Acoustic enclosures for gensets, heavy press & machinery from 10KVA to 1250 KVA, canaby, room acoustic, portable & exhaust outlets cum smoke purifier model.
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Lloyd Bitumen Products
img_not_availableInsulekote Loid BRP. Loid C-4. Plastoloid, Expandex Bituminous, Bitumen Emulsions, Anti-Carrosive Paints, Cold Applied Rubberished Bitumenn Sealing ompounds.
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M/S Balaji Insulations (I) Pvt. Ltd.
M/S Balaji Insulations (I) Pvt. Ltd. take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Thermal Insulation, Supply-cum- application contractor serving in the M/S Balaji Insulations (I) Pvt. Ltd.stern/Southern region. M/S Balaji Insulations (I) Pvt. Ltd. have been in this business for the last two decades and have necessary strengths to undertake Project Insulation requirements as M/S Balaji Insulations (I) Pvt. Ltd.ll as Annual Maintenance Contracts.
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Montex Glass Fibre Industries Pvt.Ltd.
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Glass Fabrics for Electronics / Electricals,Facing Fabric,Fabrics for Advanced Composites,Fabrics for Thermal Insulation,Fabrics for Water Proofing,Fabrics for Filtration Industries,Fabrics for Mica Insulation Tapes,Fabrics for Acoustic Insulation.
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Non Conductors
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Acoustic Insulation,Chemical Plant Insulation,Cold Storage Insulation,Hot And Cold Insulation,Underdeck Insulation.
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Ranson Civil Technologies, India
RansonManufaturers and Suppliers of Services Engineering & Construction Division,Specialty Services Division.
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Sam Bros Tex Global Ltd
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Sheet Metal Fabrication,Enclosure/Canopy Sheet Metal Fabrication,Sheet Metal Structural Fabrication,Sheet Metal Structural Fabrication for Thermal & Acoustic Panels,CNC Packaging Sheet Metal Fabrication,Powder Coating For Sheet Metal Fabrication.
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Sawmy Pollution Control
img_not_availableNoise Control Acoustic Enclosures For Diesel Genarators & Heavy Steel Structural.
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Sharp Engineers
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Acoustic Enclosures,Canopies
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Sunsulate Insulation Pvt Ltd.
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Thermal Barrier,Super Thermal Comfort,Thermal - Duro Cell Foam Protection,Hi-Premium Thermal Protection,Hi-Cool Thermal Protection,Acoustic Wall Boards,Thermo-Acoustic Wall Boards,Acoustic Studio-Elite Boards
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Tara Nirman Kendra
TaraPorosil Acostic & Thermal Insulating Metirial - IS 10555-1983, ASTMC-56T.ASTM C-332-Consists Of According Like Granules Containing Miecro-Scopie Air Layer.
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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
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