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Valves Companies

2l Engineers
2l Engineers
API 6D Floating Ball Valve, API 6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Butterfly Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Plug Valves, Valve Automation....
Aalan Control Technology Pvt Ltd
Aalan Control Technology Pvt Ltd
Gate Valve, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Control Valves, Cast Iron Valves, Forged Steel Valves, Strainers....
Advance Valves Pvt Ltd
Advance Valves Pvt Ltd
Balancing Valve, Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Concentric Valves, Butterfly Concentric Valves, Butterfly Double Eccentric /Offset Valves, Butterfly Triple Eccentric /Offset Valves, Axial Check Valve, Advance Valve....
Alfa Industrial Equipments
Alfa Industrial Equipments
Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Forged Steel Valves (Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve), Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Safety Valves, Steam Traps, Strainers, Flush Bottom Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Sight Flow Indicators....
Alfa Laval India Ltd
Alfa Laval India Ltd
Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Control/check valves, Diaphragm valves, Double seal valves, Double seat valves, Regulating valves, Safety valves, Sampling valves, Shutter valves, Single seat valves....
Alok Trading Company
Alok Trading Company
Valve Train System, Bearing, Bushes & Thrust Washers, Sealing System, Water Pump & Repair Kit, Cylinder Powertrain System, Filteration System, Hoses and Clamps, Shaft, Push Rods, Fuel Pump Spares, General Diesel Engine Parts, Heat Exchanger, Oil Cooler, After Cooler....
Amar Valves Products
Amar Valves Products
Valves, Continental Bath Fitting, Foot Valve, Cast Iron Air Valves, Brass Check Valve, Brass Bib Cock, S.s Rack Bolt, Cast Iron Check Valves, Upvc Tank Nipple, Brass Screwed Valve, Ductile Iron Valves, Wafer Type Ball Valve, Bronze Float Valve, Iron Fabricated Burners, Cast Iron Ball Valve, Ci Ball ...
Ambit Engineers
Ambit Engineers
Ball Valves, Industrial Strainers, Butterfly Valves, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Filter Elements. ...
Amolee Valves And Fittings Manufacturing Company
Amolee Valves And Fittings Manufacturing Company
One Piece Ball Valves, Two Piece Ball Valves, Three Piece Ball Valves, Three Piece Ball Valves S/E or S/W, One Piece Ball Valves Screwed End, Metal Seated Ball Valves, Extended Stem Ball Valves, Jacketed Ball Valves, Exotic Metal Ball Valve, Ball Valves Automation, Flushbottom Ball Valves....
Anto Valves Trading Co
Anto Valves Trading Co
Selenoid Valves, Motorised Valves, Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Diaphram Control Valves, Natural Gas, Water Filters, Electronics Instruments Systems, Pneumatic Process Control Instruments Systems, Filter Valves, Gas Valves, Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves, Pneumatic Process Control Instruments, So...
Anval Valves Pvt Ltd
Anval Valves Pvt Ltd

Anval Valves Pvt Ltd has built a reputation as the market leader in the design, manufacture and supplier of feeders & airlock valves. Born from the Australian thermal processing specialist Ansac, Anval is able to draw from over 35 years of industry experience to deliver the highest quality equipm...

Apurva Enterprises
Apurva Enterprises
Straight Tube Fittings, Angular Tube Fittings, Branch Tube Fittings, Pipe Connectors, Needle Valves, Manifold Valves, Instrumentation Ball Valves, Teflon Coated Fasteners...
ARI Armaturen Steamline LLP
ARI Armaturen Steamline LLP

STEAMLINE was founded in 1999 in Pune, 150 km from Bombay. Since 2013, the company is a member of the ARI Group and today operates under ARI AMATUREN STEAMLINE LLP.

ARI Armaturen Steamline LLP the team also delivers Sri Lanka with the complete ARI product range. The system business, with in...

Arise Valves
Arise Valves
Liquid Control Valve-Hydraulic Control Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Safety Valve, Pressure Regulator, Industrial Valves, Skids, Tank Blanketing System, Customized System, ...
Ashok Polymers
Ashok Polymers
PP Solid Ball Valve, UPVC Ball Valve, CPVC Ball Valve, RPVC Ball Valve, Drip Irrigation, Foot Valve, Plastic Water Taps....
Ashwathi Controls Pvt Ltd
Ashwathi Controls Pvt Ltd
Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Swing Check / Non Return Valves, Dual Check / Plate Check Valves, Single Disc Spring Loaded Check Valves, Forged Steel Gate / Globe / Nrv Valves, Choke Valves....
Assentech Limited
Assentech Limited
Tank Venting (P/V relief valves), Bursting Discs (Rupture Discs), Flame Arresters, Tanker Loading - Offloading, Couplers, Breakaway Couplers, Tank Blanketing, BIO-GAS Control & Safety Systems, Geodesic Domes, Internal Floating Roofs, Floating Suction Lines, Vapour Recovery Systems-Units....
Asten Controls Private Limited
Asten Controls Private Limited
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, OFF SET Disc Butterfly Valve, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Diaphragm Control Valve, Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Double Flange Butterfly Valve, Angel Type Control Valve, Mixing Diverting Control Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Disc Check Valve, Universal Non Ret...
Bakshi Bros Agencies Private Limited
Bakshi Bros Agencies Private Limited
Gate Valves, Ball Valve, Globe Valves, MS Hollow Section, Non Return Check Valve, MS Pipes, GI Pipes Fittings, MS Pipes Fitting, Gland Packing and Jointing, PTFE Component, Boiler Mountings, Butterfly Valve, Roller Chain & Spares, Chain Pulley Block, HDPE Pipe, GI Pipes, HDPE Pipe Fitting, Mechanica...
Ball valves manufacturer
Ball valves manufacturer
Ball values is used to water supply, bathroom pipes etc. When we plan to buy ball valves make sure that the product quality will be good. PVC ball values having so many types. Our product is PVC ball valves and plastic ball valves. Krishika having all types of ball valves such as single body type,sp...
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to list your business related to any construction categories.
Construction Events
To Know more about the events about Air Conditioners, Basements, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Cabinets, Decorating, Design Plans, Doors, Electrical Lightings, Flooring, Home Security, Kitchen, Landscape, Painting, Plumbing, Fixtures and many more..
About Valves
A valve is a device or natural object that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. In an open valve, fluid flows in a direction from higher pressure to lower pressure.
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