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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
ABC Agro & Food Machine (India) Private Limited
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Murukku- Chakali Machine,Potato Machines,Namkeen Machines,Groundnut Machines,Flaking & Puffing Machine,Chapati Machine,Gasifier,Bio Diesel Machine
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Accurate Pressings
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Automotive,TOOLING,Cabinets / Enclosures,Fabrication
View Profile >>
Airfilt Technologies P Limited
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Jet Filter Unit,Centrifugal Blowers,Axial Flow Fans,Cyclone Separators,Paint Booth,Roof Exhausters,Wet Scrubbers,Pressurizing Units,Evaporative Coolers,Tunnel V
View Profile >>
Grover Forgings
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Ferrous Forgings,Brass & Copper Forgings,Aluminium Forgings
View Profile >>
Kleanzone Systems
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Laminar Air Flow Cabinets,Biological Safety Cabinets,Air Showers & Curtains,Dispensing Booth,Industrial Modules,Garment Cubicles,Laboratory Equipment,Laboratory Chambers
View Profile >>
Kuber Auto Pressing
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Bubble Caps,Metal Stampings,Deep Drawings,Stainless Steel Fittings,Metal Flanges,Metal Pipes,Metal Fasteners, Silencer Parts,Press Components,Tubular Components,Machined Components,Precision Turned Components
View Profile >>
Libra Consultants
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Project Identification & Pre-Feasibility Studies,Project Development,Project Execution,Monitoring & Evaluation, Market Research & Survey,Other Consultancy Services
View Profile >>
Marketing Consultants India
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Services Strategic Marketing Services,Strategic Marketing Management,Strategic Project Management,Project Management Services,Strategic Business Management,Business Consulting Services
View Profile >>
Notional Chemical And Dyes Company
img_not_availableFounded in 1943, Notional Chemical & Dyes Company (NCDC) is the pioneer in the manufacturers and suppliers of paint driers, zinc octoate, cerium octoate & wood preservatives in India. All our products confirm to international standards with their highly reliable features.
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Panchal Pumps & Systems
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Eccentric Screw Pumps (Panchal Flow),Eccentric Screw Pumps (Panchal Visco-I),Eccentric Screw Pumps( Panchal Visco-II),Barrel Emptying Pumps(Panchal BE),Agriculture Pumps(Panchal Water Tec),Cattle Powered Agriculture / Irrigation Pumps(Panchal PSP),Special Application Pump(Panchal SAP),Stator Rotar
View Profile >>
Prestressing And Special Project Division
img_not_availableSpecialized sub-contrating in Pre-stressed concrete consturction for: Manufactureing, supplying and ere4ction of BBRV prestressin system. Prestressing operation in bridges and structures. Mfg and Erection of stay ables systems fro cable stay bridges. Construction engineering sserice for launching girders, form travels design and exdecutio lof post tensioned flat slabs. Geo-technical soloutions such as Rock anchors, soil anchors, special purpose anchors etc. Design, Manufactureing and Erection of POT - PTFE bridge dearings. consultancy / Technical services in prestressing. Complete solutions in Prestressed concrete systems offered under single roof.
View Profile >>
Priyank Engineering
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of General Engineering Parts,Precision Engineering Parts,Textile Machinery Parts,Fuel Dispensing Pump Parts,Consumer Electronics Parts,Electrical Switchgear Parts
View Profile >>
Ref Vac Consultancy
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Food Freeze Dryer,Pilot Food Freeze Dryer,Food Drying Machines,Lyophilizer,Refurbished Lyophilizer
View Profile >>
Senior Machinery Company
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Corrugated Machinery,Cardboard Manufacturing Machinery
View Profile >>
Shri Madhu Textiles
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of New Processsing Machines,Second Hand Processing Machines,Second Hand Weaving Machines,Rapier Weaving Machines,Film Printing Machines,Circular Knitting Machines,Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching Machines,Rapier Looms,Terry Towel Rapier Looms,Flexible Rapier Looms,Projectile Looms,Open End Spinning Plant
View Profile >>
Sivakami Pressings Private Limited
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Clutch Bracket,Mount Bracket Holder,Anti Roll Bar,Grease Cap,Mud Slinger,Mudguard Bracket,Clutch Pedal,Heavy Duty Cross Member
View Profile >>
The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Limited
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Prestressed Concrete Pipe,Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe,Bar Wrapped Steel Cylinder Pipe,Steel Pipe,R C C Pipe,Penstock Pipe,Prestressed Concrete Monoblock Sleeper For Railways,Air Rifles & Pistols
View Profile >>
Triveni Chemicals
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients,Acid,Borate Compounds,Bromine Compounds,Chloride,Chromate compounds,E.D.T.A., Fluorine Compound,Ferro Alloys,Hydroxide,Inorganic Compound,Iodine Compounds,Nitrate,Organic Compounds,Phosphate Compounds, Sulphur Compounds,Silica Compounds,Intermediates,Plasticizers Compound,Solvents,Perfumery Aromatics
View Profile >>
Universal Industries
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Dry Air Coolers,Chilling Plants,Water Chillers,Cooling Coils,Heat Transfer Coils,Air Handling Equipments,Heat Exchanger,Hot Water Generators,Water / Air Cooled Condensers,DX Chillers
View Profile >>
Venus Rubbers
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Progressing Cavity Pump Stators,Rubber Rollers,Packing Machines Pull Belts,Valve Liners,Hockey Pucks,Fabricated Rubber Gaskets & Rubber Seals,Railway Vacuum Brake Rubber Parts,Moulded Products
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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
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