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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
  Gears & Gears Boxes
Agnee Transmissions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Bevel Helical And Helical Gearboxes,Pump Jack Helical Gearbox,Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer,Inline Helical Geared Motor,Right Angle Worm Gear Boxes,Industrial Gear Boxes And Worm Geared Motor,Rack And Pinion Gears,Worm Shaft And Worm Gears,Hydro Power Mechanical Equipments,Precision Straight Tooth Spur Gears, Helical And Double Helical Gears,Bevel Gears,Rope Drum Hoist
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Ashhoka Machine Tools International Pvt. Limited
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Girth Gears,Helical Gears,Worm Reduction Gearboxes,Ground Gears,Worm Wheel,Pinions,Pinion Shafts,Trunnion,Tyres For Kilns / Ball Mill,Sprockets,Support Rollers,Blank Casting,Blank Forging
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Ashok Industries
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Worm Reduction Gear Box,Vertical Gear Box,AU Type Gear,Adopter Type Gears,Double Reduction Gear Unit,AU Type Gear With Hollow Input Output,MS Bitumen Jacketed Pump,CI Bitumen Pump,Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
View Profile >>
Ashoka Technologies
AshokaManufaturers and Suppliers of Cement Plants, Ground Gears, Girth Gears, Precision Gears, Internal Gears, Sugar Mill Gears, Pinion Shafts Pinions, Casting & Forging, Worm & Worm Wheels
View Profile >>
BAJRANGManufaturers and Suppliers of Industrial Gears, Automobile Gears, Helical Gearbox, Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox, Worm Reduction Gearbox, Gear Couplings, Geared Motors
View Profile >>
Bentex Industrials
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Rotary Shearing Machine,Straightening Machine,Steel Rolling Mill Machine,Shearing Machines,Workshop Machines,Boring Machines,Drilling Machines,Pinch Rolls,Fly Wheel,Reduction Gears,Gear Box,Shearing Mills
View Profile >>
Bevel Gears (India) Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Straight Bevel Gear, Zerol Bevel Gear,Ground Spiral Bevels,Spiral Bevel Gear,Helical Bevel Gear,Fine Pitch Bevel Gear,Hypoid Bevel Gear,Stock Bevels Gear, L-Angle Boxes,Custom Bevel Gear Boxes.
View Profile >>
Bhumi Enterprises
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Gear,Bevel Gears,Gear Box,Worm Gear,Conveyor Chain And Sprocket,Simplex Sprocket,Duplex Sprocket,Triplex Sprocket, Pulleys,Rack And Pinions,Transmission Chain,Couplings.
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Choksi Group
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Cooling Towers,Cooling Tower Spares,Gears & Gear Boxes,Electrical Products,Current Transformers,Engineering Products
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Creative Manufacturers
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Gear Drives,Gear Boxes,Precision Gears,Tool Gears,Machine Tool Gears,CNC Turned Components,Precision Turned Components
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Everon Cast Component Solutions
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Impellers,Industrial Valve Castings,Industrial Pump Castings,Custom Designed Castings
View Profile >>
Finebearing Co.
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Conveyor Products,Lifting Equipments,Coupling & Pulleys,Construction Machines,Earth Moving Equipment,Industrial Bearings,Safety Equipments Wire Mesh
View Profile >>
G.S. Bamrah Industries
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Rolling Mill Spares,Recoilers and Spares,Cold Rolling Mill Spares,Spindle for Rolling Mills,Spares for Rolling Mills,Slitting Machine,Backup Roll Chokes,IMR Housing with Modifi-Pin,Inner Edge Protection Machine,Outer Edge Protection Machine,Coil Car,Gears and Gear Boxes
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Hyderabad Investment Castings
HyderabadManufaturers and Suppliers of Automobile Spares, Defence Components, Medical Gadgets, Turbine Spares, Valves& Much more..
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J. S. Mechanicals
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Compact Rolling Mill,Gear Box,Reduction Gear,Pinion Gear,Roll Stand / Roll Housing,Vertical Stand,Coiler,Conveyor,Pusher Assembly,Ejector Assemble,Bearing Choke,Fly Wheel
View Profile >>
L. N. Trading Company
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Gear and Gear Components,Shaft and Shaft Components,Yoke and Yoke Components,Shaft Spare Parts,Tiller Blades,Miscellaneous Components
View Profile >>
M.M. Gears Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableM.M. Gears Pvt Ltd are the manufacuterers and suppliers of Gears and Gear Tools. M.M. Gears Pvt Lt range of products include: Screw Jack, Non-standard and Custom Built Gearboxes, Geared Motors Aerator Gearboxes for Prawn Culture, Worm Gearboxes, Cooling Tower Gearboxes, Helical Gearboxes, Tyre Changer Gearboxes, Spur and Helical Gears and many more Gear Boxes Screws.
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Navnath Engineering Works
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Spur Gear,Bevel Gears,Helical Gears,Spiral Bevel Gears,Gear Boxes,Main Shaft,Lay Shaft,Counter Shaft,Pto Shaft,Sliding Sleeve,Double Gear,Gears
View Profile >>
Paul & Company, India
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Gear Pumps,Chemical Pumps,Centrifugal Pumps,Pump Sets,Rotary Gear Pumps,Poly Proplene Pumps,Three Phase Monobloc Pumps,Universal Polypropylene Pumps,Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps,Electric Motors (ABB),Integrated DC Motors,Electromagnetic Safe Brakes
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Polytech Engineers
img_not_availableManufaturers and Suppliers of Stator housing of 315 frame with foot & without foot,Stator housing of 310 frame with foot,Stator housing of 310 frame without foot,Stator housing of 180 frame with foot & without foot,Stator housing of 160 frame with foot,Stator housing of 160 frame without foot,Stator housing of 28 frame with foot,Stator housing of 28 frame without foot,Stator housing of 25 frame with foot,Stator housing of 25 frame without foot,Stator housing of 316 frame with foot,Stator housing of 316 frame without foot
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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
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