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Telecommunications Companies

A. R. Elecomp
A. R. Elecomp
Manufacturers and Bulk Rxporters of telecommunications optical fibre cable, jelly filled cable jointing components and efrigeration components....
Ajanta Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Ajanta Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Ajanta Clock, Orpat Time Piece, Orpat Telephone, Orpat Calculator, Digital Clocks, Lamps & Tube Lights, Orpat Toys, Wrist Watches, Home Appliances, Oreva Vitrified Tiles...
Aksh Optifibre Limited, Gurgaon
Aksh Optifibre Limited, Gurgaon
Engaged in manufacturing telecommunication equipment that includes telecom cables, optical fibre cables, singlemode optical fibre cables, multimode optical fibre cables, LAN cables, hybrid cables, ceramic armoured cables, aerial cables and duct cables....
Aliance Infotech Private Limited
Aliance Infotech Private Limited
Manufacturers and Exporters of all types of telecommunications equipment and telecommunication products....
Anda Telecom Private Limited
Anda Telecom Private Limited
Manufacturers and Exporters of all types of telecommunications equipment....
Aries Interlink Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Aries Interlink Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers and supplier of telecommunication equipments, automotion office machines, hybrid intercom systems, thermal paper fax, electric power inverters, three phase inverters, multifunction paper fax, digital IPPBX and microprocessor based products....
Aromen Engineering Company (P) Limited
Aromen Engineering Company (P) Limited
Sugar Boiling House Equipments & Spares, Cane Handling & Preparatory Sections, Cement Plant Spares & Machines, Paper Mill Spares & Machines, Dryer Hall Equipments, Pollution Control Equipments, Transmission & Telecommunication Towers, Auto-packing System for Sugar Mill, Storage Tanks, Portable Sugar...
Birionic Private Limited
Birionic Private Limited
Engaged in providing services like telecom services and telecommunications....
Caltron, Kolkata
Caltron, Kolkata
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of telecommunications equipments....
Crystal Electrical Industries
Crystal Electrical Industries
Glass fitting For vessel Lamps, Single & Double Tube-light fitting, Junction Boxes, Timers...
Dalmia Bros Private Limited
Dalmia Bros Private Limited
Deals in telecommunications equipments....
Finolex Polymers Limited, Pune
Finolex Polymers Limited, Pune
Exporter of electrical cables, telecommunications cables and optical fibre cables....
Global Tele Consultancy Services
Global Tele Consultancy Services
Leading service provider of telecommunication infrastructure development, telecommunication network establishment, telecommunication maintenance services, trenching and managing optical fiber cables...
Greyfusion Technologies Private Limited Bangalore
Greyfusion Technologies Private Limited Bangalore
Exporter of all types of telecommunications equipment....
Integrated Enterprises, Chennai
Integrated Enterprises, Chennai
Deals in distributing of optima epbax, telecommunications equipment and telecom equipment....
International Industrial Product
International Industrial Product
Power Cables, Instrumentation Cables, PVC Insulated Cables, XLPE Insulated Cables, Panel Wiring Cable, PVC Coated Wires, Overhead Conductors, Aerial Conductors...
Intime Communications
Intime Communications
Bulk exporter of epebx telecommunications, telecommunication equipments and telecommunication product....
Kabir Technology Private Limited
Kabir Technology Private Limited
Ethernet Media Convertor, Media Convertor GBIC, Network Products, Wireless Products, Wireless Antenna, Matrix Switchers, Mini OTDR, Hotspot Finder, Modular Plug, Relay Controller, Floor Standing Racks, Connectivity Solutions...
Krone Communications, Bangalore
Krone Communications, Bangalore
Exporter of all types of telecommunications equipments....
Lorion Telecom
Lorion Telecom
Offers wireless communications traning services, telecom management traning services, telecom software traning services, optical networking traning services and telecommunications traning services....
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Construction Events
To Know more about the events about Air Conditioners, Basements, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Cabinets, Decorating, Design Plans, Doors, Electrical Lightings, Flooring, Home Security, Kitchen, Landscape, Painting, Plumbing, Fixtures and many more..
About Telecommunications
Telecommunication (from Latin communicatio, referring to the social process of information exchange, and the Greek prefix tele-, meaning distance) is the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. It has its origin in the desire of humans for communication over a distance greater than that feasible with the human voice, but with a similar scale of expediency; thus, slow systems (such as postal mail) are excluded from the field.
The transmission media in telecommunication have evolved through numerous stages of technology, from beacons and other visual signals (such as smoke signals, semaphore telegraphs, signal flags, and optical heliographs), to electrical cable and electromagnetic radiation, including light. Such transmission paths are often divided into communication channels, which afford the advantages of multiplexing multiple concurrent communication sessions. Telecommunication is often used in its plural form, because it involves many different technologies.
Other examples of pre-modern long-distance communication included audio messages, such as coded drumbeats, lung-blown horns, and loud whistles. 20th- and 21st-century technologies for long-distance communication usually involve electrical and electromagnetic technologies, such as telegraph, telephone, television and teleprinter, networks, radio, microwave transmission, optical fiber, and communications satellites.
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