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Automatic Taps Companies

Accurate Auto Lathes Pvt. Ltd.
Accurate Auto Lathes Pvt. Ltd.
Thread Taps, Ground Drills, Center Drills, End Mill Cutters, Thread Plug & Ring Gauges, Thread Rolling Dies, Single Spindle Automatic, Turret Lathe, CNC Lathe Machine, Plastic Knapsack Sprayer, Three Wheeler Flanges & Propeller Shafts, Three Wheeler Gear Parts, Hosiery Needles...
Anand Automatic Systems
Anand Automatic Systems
Industrial Profiles, Transport Sections, Architectural Section...
Apex Sanitech Systems
Apex Sanitech Systems
Automatic Taps, Automatic Hand Dryer, Automatic Soap Dispenser, Tissue Paper Dispenser, Aerosol Dispenser, Automatic Urinal Flush Sensor, Stainless Steel Dustbins, Washroom Accessories, Shoe Shine Machines, Metal Grating...
Build Tech (India)
Build Tech (India)
Automatic Hand Dryers, Automatic Sensor Taps, Automatic Urinal Flushers (Urinal Sensors), Automatic Soap Dispensers, Paper Dispensers, Perfume Dispensers, Auto Shoe Shining Machines, Super Slim Air Curtains, Infrared Gas Room Heaters (DeLonghi), Oil Filled Heaters (DeLonghi), Patio Heaters - Outdoor...
Door Automations
Door Automations
Automatic Sliding Door, Sliding Devices, Turnstiles, PVC Roll-Up Door, Swing Gate Operations, Automatic Road Traffic Barriers, Rolling Shutter Operators, Insulated Doors, Automatic Taps & Hand Dryers, Auto Urinals & WC Flushers, Car Parking Ticket Dispenser, Air Freshners...
E Lockair AG Engineers
E Lockair AG Engineers
Air Curtains, PVC Strip Curtains and Doors, Hand Dryers, Sensor Taps, Paper Dispensers, Soap & Perfume Dispensers, Shoe Shine Machine, Urinal & Toilet Flusher...
Automatic Voltage Regulating Relays, ap Position Indicators, Remote Oil / Winding Temperature Indicators, Parallel Control Unit, Voltage Controller Control Unit, Echo-Suppressor, Emco Electronics, Mumbai...
Emtex Marketing Private Limited
Emtex Marketing Private Limited
CNC Turning Center, Articulated-tapping-arm-machine, Automatic-ladler, CNC-engraving-milling-machine, CNC Lather, Cold-chamber-die-casting, Hot-chamber-die-casting, Self-feed-drilling-machine, Single-spindle-automats, Turret-capstan-machine, Turret-milling-machine...
Hi-tech Coding Systems mumbai
Hi-tech Coding Systems mumbai
Sealing Machine, Filling, Sealing & Labeling Machine, Packing Machine, Biscuit Packing Machine, Form Fill Seal Machines, Marking & Coding Machine, Inkjet Printers...
Insha Exports Private Limited
Insha Exports Private Limited
Hygiene System, Door Automation, Gates & Barrier Automation, Security System, Hotel Amenities & Accessories, Cleaning Equipments, TURNKEY BULK SUPPLY FOR UPCOMMING HOTEL PROJECTS...
Jet India
Jet India
Dehumidifiers WD30 L, Dehumidifiers WD60M, Dehumidifiers WD160M, Dehumidifiers WD10M, Air Curtains, PVC Strip Curtains, Hand Dryers, Insect Killer, Wash Room Equipment...
Modern Machine Tools
Modern Machine Tools
Simple Drilling Machine, Bench Drilling Machine, Industrial Bench Drilling Machine, Geared Drilling Machine, Geared Radial Drilling Machine, Cap Tapping Machine, Precision Tapping Machine, Tapping Cum Drilling Machine, CNC Tapping Machine, High Speed Tapping Machine...
Muskaan Engineers
Muskaan Engineers
Distributor Transformer, 1250kva-Transformer, HT Two In one System/HT AVR, Ultra Isolation Transformers, Automatic Voltage Controller, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, 5000kva - Servo Stabilizer, Distribution Panels, LT/APFC Panels, PowerBoss, DC Rectifiers, Artic Master, KVAR Unit...
Noble Fastotech Private Limited
Noble Fastotech Private Limited
Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - Professional, Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - Master, Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - After Market, Helicoil Free Running Inserts, Helicoil Screw Locking / Self Locking Inserts, Helicoil Tangless Inserts, Helicoil Military and Aerospace Standard Parts, Helicoil Insertion Tools...
Pradeep Sales & Service
Pradeep Sales & Service
Digital Automatic Voltage Regulating Relay, Digital Tap Position Indicator, Automatic Power Factor Control, Annuciator, Digital Temprature - Scanner, RTD System, Remote Winding Temerature, Electronic Hooter, Current Converter Unit, urrent Transformer (CT)Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Local Win...
Prem Industrial Corporation
Prem Industrial Corporation
Nails Making Machines, Shoe Nails Making Machines, Bolts Making Machines, Screws Making Machines, Wire Drawing Machine, Barbed Wire Making Machines, U-Nails Making Machines, Allen Bolts Making Machines, NutBolts Making Machines, Paper Pin Making Machines, Gem Clip Making Machines, Horseshoe Nails Ma...
Sharp Engineering,Mumbai
Sharp Engineering,Mumbai
Industrial Strappin Machine, Strapping Machine, Tapping Machine, Shrink Sealing Machine, Pet Blowing Machine, Band Sealer, Industrial Conveyors...
Soni's Alloys Industries
Soni's Alloys Industries
Solder Wire, Bar Solder And Anodes, Water Soluble Liquid Fluxes, Lacquer And PCB Chemicals, Wave Soldering & Dip Machine, Semi Automatic Cut & Bend Machine (For Taped Axials MCM-660), Automatic Dip-Soldering Machine, Motorized Cut & Bend Machine (For Tapped Axials CA650), Solder Bath With Digital Te...
Toshi Automatic System
Toshi Automatic System
Since 1992, the company has grown to emerge as the tought leader and innovator in the home and industrial automation solutions; like Auto taps, Urinals & WC Flushers, Hand Dyers & Soap Dispensers, Air freshners & Paper towel dispensers....
Tranquilit Software Private Limited
Tranquilit Software Private Limited
Work done by one person or group that benefits another, An act of help or assistance, Work done for others as an occupation or business...
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About Automatic Taps
An automatic faucet or tap (also hands-free faucet, touchless faucet, electronic faucet, motion-sensing faucet, sensor faucet, or infrared faucet) is a faucet equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that opens its valve to allow water to flow in response to the presence of a user's hands in close proximity.
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