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If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
  Bricks and Blocks
Anjaneya Brick Works
img_not_availableTable moulded, wire cut bricks.
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Annapurna Technical Ceramics
img_not_availableMfrs 2'x8"x8"x6"/4" & 2"x1"x1"/2", Super light A.C, Block & Tiles.
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Auroville Building Centre (AV-BC)
AURAMPRESS 3000, AURAM 240, AURAM 248, AURAM Block making machines medium/high output manual press for compressed earth blocks with manual/automatic opening. AURAM Earth blocks compressed earth blocks, stabilised with cement or lime. Rammed earth blocks, Stabilised earth blocks. Feerocement products - Fully prefabricated floating drum type biogas plants. Latrines with door and ventilator. Roof channels for span up to 10m. Water tanks. Capacity: 600-7500 ltr.
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Balaji Associates
img_not_availableFire Bricks - Insulation Bricks, ACC Castables, Insulation Materials, Acide Proof. Tiles/Bricks/Mortars, Mastics, Primers-Epoxy CNSL. Ceramics fibre, HYSIL Block - Stockist of ACC refractories includes Refractory dealing in Dalmia, Maithan-Rajhans Lloyds. Refractory Lining - Acide Prrof Work Gunting Refractory Drying Out.
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Balaji Concrete Blocks
img_not_availableSolid & hollow Hydraulically.
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Besser Concrete Systems Ltd
img_not_availableManufacturers of Concrete Blocks and Paver, Economical, Durable. Attractive, load beaning, avoid plastering Thermal/Sound Insulation. "The Perfect Building Materials".
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Bhaiya Flyash Brick Machine
img_not_availableHigh density hydraulic interlocking pavement block making machine automatic & nonautomatic hollow block making machine, interlocking soil brick making machines flyash brick & block making machine pan mixtures belt conveyor hydraulic pallet trucks. Offset printring machine clay brick making machine.
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Brick Industry
img_not_availableFly ash bricks Yr.1997- Size: 23x11x7.5 cm.
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Cristo Blocks
img_not_availableConcrete Blocks Concrete Hollow Blocks 8", 6", 4", used for Load Bearing Walls, Partition Walls Compounds and Other general purpose wall columns Block used as column blocks, avoids using of shuttering. C-Block & U-Blocks - Used for Plinth Beam and Lintel Solid Slabs - thick used for Flooring and Ornamental Purpose.
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Dalal Tiles Industries
img_not_availableInterlocking pavers, pre-cast concrete products, landscaping products and tiles.
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Dual Fabs Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableNEOCRETE, FALG Blocks & bricks Yr.1984 - Concrete hollow/solid blocks and fly ash pre-cast bricks & blocks. Dual Fly ash cellular concrete - Lightweight. Used as weathering course. Dual Precast RCC doors and window frames.
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Engineer's Enterprises
img_not_availableLITTLE BLOCKS, HDM-1000, BIG BLOCK, BRICK MAN Construction Equipment. Hydraulic / Manual Egg Laying Hand Operated Concrete Block making Machines and Hydraulically Operated Concrete Flyash Block/Brick making Plants. Concrete Mixtures in 3 types, Pan mixers, Pallet Trucks, Wheel Barrows, Screed, Plate & Table Vibrators, Vibrating Earth Rammers.
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Excel Pavers
img_not_availableManufacturers of Cemet Concrete Hollow Blocks and Solid Blocks. Designer interlocking, paving blocks for car parking, pathways, Drive ways, Petrol Bunks, Shopping Mall etc. Formation of all kinds of Roads, cement Concrete Roads, preparation of renovation of play grounds and Courts, Construction of Compound Wall Drains, Fencing, Forming sub - grade preparations, earthwork, earth filling, boulder soling, sand and gravel, mix, water bound macada, Asphalt Concrete and Premix carpet etc as per I.R.C. and M.O.S.T. Standard etc.
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MS Brick Works
img_not_availableFly ash bricks IS 12894-1990.
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Maruthi Brick Works
img_not_availableISO 9001:2000 company, MBW Table Mould & Wire Cut Bricks Yr. 1970. Trade Mark - M.B.W. No. 535096. Used for Building Constructions.
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Nagarjuna Bricks
img_not_availableHollow cement bricks Yr. 1990 - Size: 6x4 and 6x9". Mosaic tiles.
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Parvathi Hallow & Solid Bricks
img_not_availableManufacturers of Cement Solid & Hollow Bricks.
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Prashaliconmats Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableBricks-Wire Cut Bricks. Mfg in Pug Mill and Burnt in Continuous High Draught Kilns Developed By C.B.R.I.-Roorkee. Tiles Weather Proof & Decorative Tiles and Terracotta Items.
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Puttalakshmamma Enterprises
img_not_availableBuilding materials size stones, jelly, sand, bricks, hollow and solid blocks.
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SGM Brick Industries
img_not_availableWirecut clay bricks-High compressive strength & low water absorption. No efflorescence. Size: 9,x4.25'x3'.
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Auroville Bangalore Chengai MGR
Chennai Coimbatore Cuddapah
Hosur Hyderabad Kolkata
New Delhi Salem
If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any construction categories.
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