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Lifts Companies

Accord Elevators India Private Limited
Accord Elevators India Private Limited
Elevators, Passenger Elevator, Home Elevator, Hospital Bed Elevator, Car & Freight Elevator, Escalators, Commercial Escalator, Pubilc Escalator, Dumb waiters....
Amplo Elevators
Amplo Elevators
Passenger Lift/Traction Lift, Goods Lift, Hospital Lift / Strature Lift, Home Lift, Hoist Lift, Dumbwaiter Lift, Mrl Lift, High Rise High Speed Lift, Hydraulic Lift, Lift Accessories....
Atlas Elevator PVT LTD
Atlas Elevator PVT LTD
Passenger Elevators, Bed & Hospital Elevators, Dumb Waiters, Home Lifts, Capsule lifts, Glass lift. ...
Bachan Construction Equipments
Bachan Construction Equipments
Manufacturers of All Type of Construction Equipments Used For Building, Road, Plants, Tunnel & Dams. LIFT/HOIST, Passenger, Goods, Passenger-cum-Good,Builder, Tower Industrial, Portable, Access tower, CRANE:Tower, POrtabl, EOT and Mobile. WINCH: Passenger-cum-Goods, builders, Power, Industrial, Carg...
Benson Elevator Services
Benson Elevator Services
Manufacturers of Passenger Lifts/Goods Lifts/Hospital Lifts Including V3F Drive. Regular Maintenance & Modernisation of all types of Lifts....
Blue Star Elevators
Blue Star Elevators
Existing Projects, Passenger Elevators, Hospital Stretcher Elevators, Service Elevators, Industrial Elevators, Dumbwaiter Elevators, Car Elevators / Automobile Elevators, Home Elevators, Construction Elevators, Special Projects, Escalator, Autowalks....
Celcius Systems
Celcius Systems
Elevators-Home Elevators, Capsule Lift, Vacuum Elevator, PVC Vaccum Elevators, Hydraulic Lift, Stiltz Lift, Domus Lift, Lifting Italia. Swimming Pools-Liner Pools, Pipeless Filtration....
Cibes Lift Group
Cibes Lift Group
Cibes Classic, Voyager Elegance, Voyager Aurora, Voyager Galaxy, Voyager Limited....
Cibes Lift India Private Limited
Cibes Lift India Private Limited
Home Lift Cibes A4000, Open Style Lift B385, Platform Lift Cibes A5000, Goods Lift Cibes A8000, B Type Lift Cibes B385....
Cooper Elevators
Cooper Elevators
Home Lift, Residential Lifts, Commercial Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Mrl (Machine Room Less) Cooper 5700 M, Lift With Machine Room (Cooper 5700 T), Hydraulic (Cooper 5700 H)....
Deltron Elevators and Escalators
Deltron Elevators and Escalators
Auto Door, Manual Door, panoramic Elevator, Capsule Elevator, Freight/Goods Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Gearless Elevator, Home/Bungalows Elevator, Hydraulic Elevator, Car Parking Elevator, Range of Auto Door, Range of Manual Door, Range of Cabin, LOP & COP Buttons, Elevator Machine Units....
ECE Elevators
ECE Elevators
Residential, Office Elevator, Hotel Elevator, Hospital Elevators, Automobile Elevator, Industrial Elevator, ECE Escalator....
Eletek Elevators
Eletek Elevators
Types Of Lift, Passenger Lift, Goods Lift, Stretcher Lift, Capsule Lift, Dumb Waitor Lift, Hydraulic Lift, Two Speed Auto Lift, V.V.V.F. Lifts....
Elevator Hub
Elevator Hub
Elevator Accessories, Elevator Parts, Passenger And Glass Elevators, Elevator Door, Guide Shoe....
Elite Elevators
Elite Elevators
H300, H200, Stair Lifts, Other Products-Automatic Gates....
Elite Elevators Limited
Elite Elevators Limited
Home Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, Home Elevators, Residential Lifts, Domestic Lifts, House Lifts, Passenger Lifts....
Excelsior Motor & Electric Mechanic Works
Excelsior Motor & Electric Mechanic Works
EXCEL Lifts - with ACVVVF controls. Also availble with speed up to 2.5 m/s. Include hydraulic lifts and car lifts....
Expedite Automation LLP
Expedite Automation LLP
Passenger Elevator, Car Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Dumbwaiter Elevator, Residential Elevator, Hospital Lift, Kitchen Lift, Passenger Escalator, Elevator Control Panel, Freight Elevator, Goods Elevator, Car Lift, Goods Lift, Hydraulic Scissor Lift, Machine Room Less Elevator, Elevator Maintenance ...
Graand Prix
Graand Prix
HOME ELEVATORS-DomusLift, PV Elevators , Lifting Italia, Stiltz....
Gravo Elevators
Gravo Elevators
Residential Elevators, Commercial Elevators, Hospital Elevators, Capsule Elevators, Escalators, Car Parking System, Industrial Elevators, Automatic Elevators....
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to list your business related to any construction categories.
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About Lifts
An elevator or lift is a vertical transport vehicle that efficiently moves people or goods between floors of a building. They are generally powered by electric motors that either drive traction cables and counterweight systems, or pump hydraulic fluid to raise a cylindrical piston.
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