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Chemical Additives Companies

A To Z Chemicals
A To Z Chemicals
Chemicals Product, Adhesive & Sealant, Speciality Chemical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Alcohols Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Ketones Chemicals, Printing Ink Chemical, Rubber & Leather Chemicals, Disinfectant Chemical, Agro Chemicals, Plasticers Chemicals, Industrial Solvent, Chlorinated Solv...
A.B. Enterprises
A.B. Enterprises
A.B. Enterprises is a well-renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a massive range of Chemicals, Dyes & Colors, Paper Products, Bathroom Fittings and Engineering Items. Serving the industry since 1985, we are one of the pioneering stockists and importers. At the same time, we are one of the...
Aarti Industries Limited
Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited is a leading Indian manufacturer of speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals with a global footprint. We combine process chemistry competence (recipe focus) with a scale-up engineering competence (asset utilisation) for creating a sustainable future.

Aarti Industrie...

Ace Instruments
Ace Instruments
Clean Room Instruments, Flameproof Instruments, Digital Clocks, Data Loggers, Transmitters, Calibrators, Wika, Indicators and Controllers, Flameproof Fixtures, HVAC Solutions....
Acme Chemicals
Acme Chemicals
Powder Chemical, Chemical Powder, Industrial Chemicals, Chemicals, Zeolite, Chemical Granules, Caustic Soda Flakes, Bleaching Powder, Citric Acid, Liquid Glycerin....
Aditya Birla Chemicals
Aditya Birla Chemicals
Advanced Materials, Chlor-Alkali, Peroxides, Phosphates, Sulphites....
Advance Chemicals
Advance Chemicals
Retention Aid, Silicone based defoamer, Organic Coagulant, Cationic Dry Strength Resin (DSR), Cationic Surface Size, Drainage Aid, B.F. Aid, Anionic Dry Strength Resin (DSR), Absorbency aid, Anionic Surface Size, Flocculant for Water Treatment....
Alliance Organics LLP
Alliance Organics LLP
Phthalocyanine Pigments, Chrome Pigments, Inorganic Pigments for Inks, Azo Pigments, High Performance Pigments, Pigment Toners, Pigment Dispersion, Reactive Dyes, Reactive Bifunctional Dyes, Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes, Reactive Printing Dyes, Reactive RGB Dyes, Reactive LX Dyes, Reactive SD Dyes, ...
Amorphos Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Amorphos Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Dispersing Agent, ACPL SNF Powder, ACPL SNF, ACPL SNF Liquid, Amplast ML (Melamine Liquid), Defoamer ACPL NXZ - 900, Polycarboxylate Ether, PCE POWDER, Wax Emulsion, SMF POWDER, FORMALDEHYDE -, Amplast (Tile Hardner), Siliconplast (Tile Hardner), Amplast ACE (Accelerator), Amglen S (PCE Slump Reduct...
Anish Pharma Equip . Pvt . Ltd
Anish Pharma Equip . Pvt . Ltd
Fluid Bed Dryers, Infustrial Fluid Bed Dryers, Vacuum Dryers, Pharmaceutical Vacuum Dryers...
Ankush Enterprise
Ankush Enterprise
Acrylates & Monomers, Additives For Aqueous Systems, Additives For Solvent Systems, Cellulose Ethers, Coalescing Agent, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (Hec), Matting Agents, Modified Potato Starches, Native Potato Starches, Other Products, Poly Vinyl Alcohol (Pva), Potassium Per Sulphate (Pps), Preservativ...
Aquanomics Systems Limited
Aquanomics Systems Limited
Disinfection Chemical, Aqua spray Disinfectant Chemical, Surface Disinfectant, Sanitizing Chemical, Qac Based Disinfectant Chemical....
Arham Petrochem Private Limited
Arham Petrochem Private Limited
Solvent Naphtha 150, Solvent Naphtha 200, Heavy Aromatic Solvent C9, Monoethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Triethylene Glycol, Dearomatized Hydrocarbons, Synthetic Isoparaffins, and Aliphatic Hydrocarbons....
Ashok Industry
Ashok Industry

ASHOK INDUSTRY is one of the leading manufacturers of Metallic Surface Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Heat Treatment Salts, Rust Preventives etc. The Product Range shown here gives you a general idea of the range of Chemicals manufactured by us.

Besides these chemicals, we ...

Ava Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Ava Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Agriculture Chemicals, Metal Plating Chemicals, Printing Ink Chemicals, Pulp & Paper Chemicals, Soap & Detergent Chemicals...
Baron Chemicals & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Baron Chemicals & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Fuel Additives, Cooling Water - Antiscalant & Dispersant, Cooling Treatment Chemicals-Corrosion Inhibitor, Chiller & Hot Water Treatment Chemicals, Water & Waste Water Treatment Chemicals...
Bhavani Chemicals
Bhavani Chemicals
Mgo, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt), Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Carbonate, Manganese Sulphate, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Chloride Powder, Calcium Oxide, Calcium Sulphate, Calcium Carbonate, Boric Acid, Borax Powder, Ferric Alum, Red Iron Oxide, White Silica Gel Granules, Sodium ...
BMG Chemicals Pvt Ltd
BMG Chemicals Pvt Ltd

BMG Chemicals Pvt Ltd a proprietary company founded in the year 1991 at Mumbai by Mr. Mahesh V. Gandhi, with the objective of providing quality services to various segments for their requirement of commodity and specialty chemicals. Under his leadership and vision the company has grown manifolds ...

Bombay Chemical Equipments
Bombay Chemical Equipments
Strainers, Gaskets....
Brigs Espro Services Pvt Ltd
Brigs Espro Services Pvt Ltd

Brigs Espro Services Pvt Ltd help you build speciļ¬c communication in suitable languages, adhering to different cultures and with local understanding. Right from providing solutions for Plant Navigation, Hazcom program, Pipe marking, Visual SOPs, Evacuation Programs, Visual MSDS, Floor marking, ...

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About Chemical Additives
The term generally excludes chemicals used for neutralization of waste streams, the production of goods, and treatment of wastewater. NOTE ? most chemicals added to cooling water or blowdown discharges would be considered chemical additives.
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