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  Construction Chemicals
Algitech Chemicals
img_not_availableAlgibond, Algitile, Algigrout, Algicoat, Algirelease, Algirapidcem, Algiretard, Algicure, Algiplasteraid, Algiplast, Algitech Construction Chemicals - Include Sealants, Insulation Coating, Concrete Admixtures, Shotcrete Admixtures, Concrete Plasticisers, Silica Admixtures, Mortar Admixtures, Bonding Agents, Curing Compounds, Shutter Release Agents, Surface Retarders, Cleaning Compunds, Grouts, Polymer Admixtures, Epoxy & Acrylic Based Bonding Agents, Cementitious Compounds, Water Repellent Coatings, Waterproofing Agents, Epoxies & Tile Adhesives. ALGILIME Ultra Fine Lime.
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Altret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Pvt. Ltd.
img_not_availableAltret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Pvt. Ltd. is a well known manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of chemicals and allied products including industrial water treatment chemicals for boilers and cooling towers, combustion monitoring chemicals for solid and liquid fuels, hygiene care products, textile auxiliaries, construction chemicals, products and services related to R.O., etc., which are marketed under the brand name of 'Altret'. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.Our firm effectively serves the construction, oil, paper, thermal, refinery, sugar, agro based, dairies, pharmaceuticals, banks, mega stores, telecom, hotels, hospitals, multiplex, bauxite, cement, distilleries, steel, textile, paint and leather industry. We always strive to set new standards in terms of delivery, service, technical support and customer awareness. "ALTRET" products are marketed countywide through a network of distributors, stockists and dealers, thus, facilitating a closer reach to its valued customers in various parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab & Tamil Nadu.
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Anticorr Coatings Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableCRAK CHAK, KRAKSEAL, BANWET Construction chemicals. Include polymer cement additives, waterproof for fillers and water repellent coatings.
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Ashapura International Ltd
img_not_availableBENTONITE for foundry, earthing, piling, Attapalugiate for foundry. BAUXITE Yr.1995 for aluminium. Acid Activated Bleaching Earth for oil industry.
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Asian Laboratories
AsianCEMWET SP-3000(M), CEMWETT 3000(MM), 3000(MMS)-"Slag Cement", 3000(N), 3000(NN), 3000(N.8), 3000(G), 3000(RMC), 3000(RMC8), 3000(A), Water Reducing Agent-CEMWET-WRA-I, CEMWET-WRA-II.
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Aster Vinyls Ltd
img_not_availableWaterproofing - V J Lac, V J Opus Yr.1990, for Waterproofing on any strata except glazed material, tiles & building surfaces. Aster 202 Yr. 1990 - Waterproffing powder. Aster Super Plasticizer Yr. 1990 - Plasticizer for cement concrete mix, Aster rebbadean, Aster Pigments, Aster Catalyst, Aster Acceleration, Aster Promoter - for rubber moulds cleaning in tile mfg process, application in FRP Industry, MEKP catalyst, Cobalt Acceleration for FRP Industry and special chemicals for various industries.
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Bal Endura Adhesives (I) Pvt Ltd
BAL ENDURA ADHESIVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD., present world leading brands of BAL ENDURA (tiling) & ARDEX (flooring) products to meet the needs in Indain construction industry. BAL ENDURA Products can be used in floor and wall tiling, external cladding, seimming pools, industrial ad commercial flooring and fixing more specialist ceramic, glass or stone products, refurbishemnt, tile on tile. Tile on mosaic (terrazzo), tile on wood, steel etc.
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Beck India Ltd
img_not_availableAn ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Company. Technical collaboration API spa, Italy. Manufacturers of Epoxy and Polyurethane based construction chemicals Like Protective Coatings, Industrial Flooring, Structural Repair, Adhesives, Polymers, Water proofing, Underwater grout.
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Bitunil-Nile Waterproofing Materials Company Sae
img_not_availableManufacturers of Bituniel brand roofing and waterproofing materials with a comprehensive range of bitumen membranes, modified with APP and SBS polymers. BituNile memebranes are produced with reinforcements of glass fibre, non-woven polyester and composite polyester.
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Bituplus Industries Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableTorch applied bitumen membranes both with non woven polyester and fibre glass, self adhesive membranes, roofing felt, pipe wrapping tapes, sand/mineral finish memebranes.
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Buildtech Products India Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableWaterproofing compound, concrete admixtures/plasticisers, polymer modified cementitious systems, industrial flooring products, curing compounds, mould releasing agents, grouts & grouting compounds, protective coatings, bonding agents/repairs mortars, tile fixing adhesive, anchoring products are resin & cement capsules.
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Cementone India Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableWater Proofing Compound; Cemproof (Powder), Cemproof (Liquid), Water Seal, Fungical Solution, Roof Sealer. Polymer mortar Repairs & Grouts: S.B.R., Cemgrout N.S., Cemcrete, Cempatch 2, Cemquick, Wykamal. Plasticizer: Conflo, Super Plasticizer EB 821 P, Super Plasticizer EB 821 R. Curing Compound; Cemcure EB 559 (Water Base), Tempicele F.11 (Solvent Base), Cemcure EB 286 (Water Base). Bonding Agents & Tile Adhesives: NSA (RS) Non Slip Adhesives, NSA Non Slip Adhesive, TIle Grout, Randabond PVA.
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Cera-Chem Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableManufacturers of Concrete Admixtures, Super Plasticiser-Retarding Super Palsticiser-Tile Adhesives & Tile Joint Filler-Water Reducing Agent-Curing Compound-Eposy Bonding Agents-Micro Concrete, Concrete Repair Products-Floor Hardeners, Water Proofing Systems-Industrial grouts - Anti corrosive Coatings-protective & Decorative coatings, surface treatment, Expansion joint sealants, Vibration Pad.
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Chembond Chemials India
img_not_availableSuperplasticizers for concrete, liquid plasticizers for concrete with built-in biocides, liquid mortar plasticizers, multipurpose block additive for cement - concrete blocks, air-entraining admixture for concrete, curing agents for concrete surfaces, integral waterproofing compound, multipurpose polymers, mould releasing agents, polymer for binding new concrete to old concrete, tile fixing adhesive and admixture for dry mix shotcreting & guinting.
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Choksey Chemicals Pvt Ltd
img_not_availableManufacturers of Sealants, Water proofing Coating, Water Repellents, Tile Adhesives, Admixture, Membranes, Grouts. Acrylic solar reflective waterproof coating.
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Cico Tecnlogies Ltd
img_not_availableManufacturers of construction chemicals.
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Classic Sales
img_not_availableClassic Sales has significantly created its presence in the global market by its international quality products like Minerals, Metal Powders, Paste & Pearls, Dyes & Basic Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Granites, Marbles, Colour & Stones, Essential Oils, Medical & Engineering, Plastics Products (Bulk Drugs, Various Gums, Surgical Items, High Precision Milling and Rotary Products), Innovative Range of Mosquito Repellent Wrist Band, Super Fogger Machine (Diseases Prevention Machines), Spices, Food Products and Agro Based Products.
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Coating & Faoming Inc
img_not_availableManufacturers of construction chemicals & specialists in industrial flooring.
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Construction Care Chemicals
img_not_availableISO Proof' Yr. 1996 - It is one of the best liquid waterproofing membrane and it is first time manufactured in India. It is single component, it takes expansion upto> 500% & above. It with stands mechanical wear & tear. It doesn't require any protection layer upon it. It is mfd with technical collobaration with European. Know-how full proof material any laymen can use this product. It with stands high temperature variations, weather & UV rays. It Has proved in all type of weather conditions at places like coastal area & other heavy sunshine.
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Contech Chemicals
img_not_availableConseal: An all purpose Epoxy based waterproofing compound supplied in putty form. It is used for preventing water leakages from roof, water-tanks, toilet sunks, basement, swimming pools as well as for repairing crakcs. Also used as a concrete Adhesive. Conbond: An excellent polymer based single component material used for repairing deteriorated R.C.C. members, Bonding new concrete / plaster to old set concrete, repairing / providing concrete floors to a minimum thickness.
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