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Electrical Equipment And Accessories Companies

Manufacturers of HT and LT Components, Premium range for Electrical Wring Accessories & Distribution Boards MCB / ELCB....
Ador Fontech Limited
Ador Fontech Limited
Welding Electrodes & Wires, Welding and Safety, Equipment, Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machine, Wear Resistant Products, Life Enhancement Services, Thermal Spray Products and Services....
Akash Industries
Akash Industries
Akash has 120 Products under its Belt Catering to Domestic Commercial, Industrial, Indoor and Outdoor needs. Confident of its Performance, Akash is the only Company to Print in the Warranty Period on the Product itself. Today Akash has more than 6 Lacs Satisfied Customers....
Allwyn Electrical Industries
Allwyn Electrical Industries
Lamp holders, switchboards, gang boxes, buzzers, musical bells, adaptors, holders, ceiling roses, fuse units, iron strip connectors, chokes, starters, starter seats, multipluge, switches, sockets, dimmers, regulators, flush switches and plugs. Exported to Africa, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka....
Alstom Ltd
Alstom Ltd
COMPAC Electric fittings & accessories. Distrubution boards in SP & N and TP&N types. MCBs. RCCBs. Absolute Pressure Transmitters, AC System, Actuators, Blackout prevention, BORDLINE?, Cables & Accessories (High Voltage), Cables, Systems & Enclosures (Low Voltage), Capacitor (High Voltage), DC Driv...
Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd
Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd
Switches & Accessories, wires, cables, MCB's, protection devices, lamps, tubes, luminaries, fans, energy meters, insulation tapes....
Andrew Yule & Co
Andrew Yule & Co
YULE Electric installations. A range of fittings that include DOL & automatic star delta starters, transformers, LT air break power & auxiliary contractors, vacuum break automatic sectionalizer switches, vacuum type auto recloser, motor control centre, overload relay, oil circuit breaker, oil insula...
Ankur Lighting
Ankur Lighting
ANKUR Lights / luminaries. Available in brass / aluminium / MS / polycarbonate and ABS finishes, in a range of designs. (i) Outdoor light fittings which include casted aluminium with clear glass, aluminium with clear / frosted glass, solid copper post lamps, casted aluminium, post lamps and solid ca...
APT (Delhi) Engineering Pvt Ltd
APT (Delhi) Engineering Pvt Ltd
AMIT, PARAS Electrical fittings & accessories. Made of mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Include junction box, perforated bends, ladder type trays, perforated tee, brackets, cable glands, 'U' clamps, cable accessories in galvanised, painted, PVC coated or self-colour finishes. Thk.: 1.6-3 mm...
Arihant Industries
Arihant Industries
ALTO switchgears, sheet metal components, changeovers, reversing switches, distribution boxes for MCBs, etc....
Bajaj Electricals
Bajaj Electricals
Decorative luminaries, energy saving luminaries, commercial luminaries, industrial luminaries, street lights, post top lanterns, floodlight luminaries and high pressure sodium / mercury vapour lamps. Bajaj Lamp accessories - Ballasts, ingnitors, control gearboxes and flameproof luminaries accessorie...
Beacon Electronics
Beacon Electronics
Industrial, commercial, decorative, domestic & outdoor fitting for MV, SV, LPSV, fluorescent & CFL lamps, chokes / ballasts, energy saving compact fluorescent lamp fitting & electronic adaptors....
Begee Elmech Systems Pvt Ltd
Begee Elmech Systems Pvt Ltd
Switchgears - Power control centres, bus & ducts, motor control centres, power distribution boards, mimic panels, AC distribution boards, control & relay panels, synchronising panels, panels, panels, control desks....
Bentex Control & Switechgear Company
Bentex Control & Switechgear Company
SP&N, TP&N, single to four pole and plug & socket type distribution boards. Din channel & 'U" clamp for mounting MCB. Reversing, changeover and on-off switch of 16 and 25 A. Circuit breakers SP&N, DP, TP, TP&N and FP types. DOL semi-automatic, fully automatic and manually operated Star Delta and air...
Bombay Electricals
Bombay Electricals
ROYALITE Electric fittings and accessories. Fluorescent, mercury & sodium vapour lamp fixtures and chokes....
Ceag Fcg Ltd
Ceag Fcg Ltd
CEAG FCG flame proof electrical fittigns - Fluorescent lights, floodlights, light fixtures, control panels, junction boxes, distribution boards, switch sockets, cable glands, conduit accessories, polyester enclosure. Self-extinguishing. Resistant to aggressive chemicals & sea water....
Chaarms Electrical & Electronics Pvt Ltd
Chaarms Electrical & Electronics Pvt Ltd
Charmbel Charmber, Charmer Electrical fittings and accessories - Include various types of door bells, light dimmers and speed controllers in various colours....
Charmex Products
Charmex Products
Electric fittings & accessories. Switches,sockets, fuses, dimmers, lamp holders, adaptors, multi pendant holders, hanging switches, multi plugs, chokes, patti fittings, junction boxes, switches, ceiling roses, starters and heating coils....
Citizen Electricals
Citizen Electricals
HOTSTAR. Distribution for Hot star Geysers, Gas Geysers & Other Appliances, EX: Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fans, Heat Converters....
Contronics Switchgear (I) Pvt Ltd
Contronics Switchgear (I) Pvt Ltd
Control panels Yr. 1989 - LT panels, MCC distribution boards and control desk mimic panels. Exported to Nepal....
Electrical Equipment And Accessories

Manufacturers & Suppliers from Indian Cities

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About Electrical Equipment And Accessories
Electrical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity. It usually consists of an enclosure, a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch. Examples of these include: Lighting, Major appliance, Small appliances, IT equipment (computers, printers etc.), Motors, pumps and HVAC Systems.
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