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Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (L.E.C.A.) for 500 Grams

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By Brand : Ponic Greens
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Product Description :
That is a type of clay which is super-fired to create a porous texture. It's heavy enough to provide secure support for your plant's, but still light weight. Grow rocks are a non-degradable, sterile growing medium that holds moisture, has a neutral pH, and also will wick up nutrient solution to the root systems of your plants.Extremeley stable in both pH and EC - Made from 100% natural clay - Sthong structural integrity means that they are less likely to break and compact, which - Helps to prevent dripper systems from getting blocked - Pre-washed to aid in stability - Drain freely and do not hold any excess water, providing good oxygen levels around the root; suitable for flood and drain systems, multi-pot and drip feed systems

Product Details :
  • Manufacturer : Ponic Greens
  • ASIN : B07D133Y3G

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