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Asphalt Materials Science and Technology - Product Features
  • Asphalt is a complex but popular civil engineering material. Design engineers must understand these complexities in order to optimize its use. Whether or not it is used to pave a busy highway, waterproof a rooftop or smooth out an airport runway, Asphalt Materials Science and Technology acquaints engineers with the issues and technologies surrounding the proper selection and uses of asphalts. With this book in hand, researchers and engineering will find a valuable guide to the production, use and environmental aspect of asphalt.
Plastic Waste for Sustainable Asphalt Roads (Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering) - Product Features
  • Waste polymers have been studied for various applications such as energy generation and biochemical production; however, their application in asphalt roads still poses some questions. Over the last decade, several studies have reported the utilization of waste plastics in roads using different methodologies and raw materials, but there is still significant inconsistency around this topic. What is the right methodology to recycle waste plastics for road applications? What is the correct type of waste plastics to be used in road applications? What environmental concerns could arise from the use of waste plastics in road applications?
  • Plastic Waste for Sustainable Asphalt Roads covers the various processes and techniques for the utilization of waste plastics in asphalt mixes. The book discusses the various material properties and methodologies, effects of various methodologies, and combination of various polymers. It also provides information on the compatibility between bitumen and plastics, final asphalt performance, and environmental challenges.
Testing and Characterization of Sustainable Innovative Bituminous Materials and Systems: State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 237-SIB (RILEM State-of-the-Art Reports Book 24) - Product Features
  • This book presents the detailed results of five task groups of the RILEM technical committee TC 237-SIB on Testing and Characterization of Sustainable Innovative Bituminous Materials and Systems. It concentrates on specific new topics in asphalt binder and mixture testing, dealing with new developments in asphalt testing, in particular also in view of new innovative bituminous materials, such as hot and cold recycled mixtures, grid reinforced pavements and recycled Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements (RAP), where test methods developed for traditional asphalt concrete are not a priori applicable. The main objective is providing a basis for pre-standardization by comparing different test methods and showing ways for fundamental improvements. Thus, the book also points the way for a further advanced chemo-physical understanding of materials and their role in pavement systems relying on fundamental material properties and suitable models for describing and predicting the intrinsic mechanisms that determine the material behavior.
Viscoelastic Properties of Asphalts Based on Penetration and Softening Point (Structural Integrity Book 2) - Product Features
  • This work deals with conventional and new relationships between various viscoelastic properties of road bitumen, determined under different test modes, such as constant stress, constant deformation or cyclic load. Approximate formulas have been derived for prediction of the rheological properties of asphalt based on its standard parameters such as penetration and softening point. The work is intended for researchers and engineers in road paving industry. It may be also of interest for teachers and Civil Engineering students.
Laboratory Investigations on Cold Asphalt Mixes: A Review - Product Features
  • Cold mixes with focus on the use of reclaimed asphalt pavements (RAPs) with bitumen emulsions and foamed asphalt are increasingly becoming useful and popular in the construction/rehabilitation of bituminous roads in developed countries of the world. The major benefits of such materials and methods are that they assist in stretching funds available for roads, since they have been acclaimed among others to be economical (old materials are reused), energy and eco-efficient, when used for road construction or upgrading. This book mainly focuses on cold mixes with special interest in RAPs and bitumen emulsion as stabilizing agent.
Flame Retardants - Product Features
  • This book focuses on the chemistry and applications of flame retardants for polymers and other materials. It starts with a description and types of flame retardants, as well as their properties and chemical structures, to include chlorine- and bromine-containing flame retardants, phosphorus-based flame retardants, nitrogen-based flame retardants, and silicones. Inorganic materials that serve as flame retardants, such as boron-based additives, graphenes, and others are discussed in detail.
Building Materials - Product Features
  • Building Materials covers in detail the properties and uses of various building materials, including stones, bricks, tiles, timber, cement, sand, lime, mortar, concrete, glass, plastics and so on. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, bitumen, asphalt, tar, plastics, paints and varnishes are included, as are non-traditional materials like fibre reinforced plastics and smart materials. For each material, its manufacture, properties, uses, advantages and disadvantages, and so on, are discussed. The text, presented in simple, precise and reader-friendly language, is amply supported by figures and tables. The book will meet the academic requirements of degree as well as diploma students. Relevant IS codes have also been listed for the benefit of practising engineers.
  • This is the first ever text-cum-reference book in India on ?Bituminous Road Construction?. It includes references to the codes and specifications of the Indian Roads Congress and the Bureau of Indian Standards, besides the international standards such as ASTM and AASHTO.
  • This book provides a thorough knowledge of bituminous road construction such as bitumen; aggregate; mix design; special mixes, for example, stone matrix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, and ready-made pothole mix; structural design of flexible pavements; asphalt production and construction; distresses in asphalt pavements; maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements including recycling; and interesting investigations of premature failure of asphalt pavements across the world. It includes numerous simple, practical and illustrative examples, and a large number of photographs for easy comprehension of the subject matter.
  • In this Revised Edition, it introduces Superpave Asphalt Binder Tests and Specifications (see Appendix A). Since over 95% of highways have bituminous surface, this book is also an ideal reference book for thousands of practicing highway engineers who are engaged in the most ambitious highway construction programme ever in India. Cutting-edge technology on bituminous road construction included in the book helps M.Tech and Ph.D. students in conducting research in this field and prepares them to implement their knowledge in real-life practice.
Advances in Interlaboratory Testing and Evaluation of Bituminous Materials: State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 206-ATB (RILEM State-of-the-Art Reports Book 9) - Product Features
  • This STAR on asphalt materials presents the achievements of RILEM TC 206 ATB, acquired over many years of interlaboratory tests and international knowledge exchange. It covers experimental aspects of bituminous binder fatigue testing; the background on compaction methods and imaging techniques for characterizing asphalt mixtures including validation of a new imaging software; it focuses on experimental questions and analysis tools regarding mechanical wheel tracking tests, comparing results from different labs and using finite element techniques. Furthermore, long-term rutting prediction and evaluation for an Austrian road are discussed, followed by an extensive analysis and test program on interlayer bond testing of three different test sections which were specifically constructed for this purpose. Finally, the key issue of manufacturing reclaimed hot mix asphalt in the laboratory is studied and recommendations for laboratory ageing of bituminous mixtures are given.
Eco-efficient Pavement Construction Materials (Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering) - Product Features
  • Eco-efficient Pavement Construction Materials acquaints engineers with research findings on new eco-efficient pavement materials and how they can be incorporated into future pavements. Divided into three distinctive parts, the book emphasizes current research topics such as pavements with recycled waste, pavements for climate change mitigation, self-healing pavements, and pavements with energy harvesting potential. Part One considers techniques for recycling, Part Two reviews the contribution of pavements for climate change mitigation, including cool pavements, the development of new coatings for high albedo targets, and the design of pervious pavements. Finally, Part Three focuses on self-healing pavements, addressing novel materials and design and performance.
  • Finally, the book discusses the case of pavements with energy harvesting potential, addressing different technologies on this field.
Modified Bitumen Design Guide for Building Owners - Product Features
  • The Modified Bitumen Design Guide for Building Owners from ARMA is a valuable resource for roofing professionals installing and maintaining asphaltic roofing systems. The guide is broken up into sections and addresses relevant aspects, issues and concerns of modified bitumen roofing systems and its associated components, substrates, construction techniques and innovative uses. It includes considerations for latest trends in roofing that call for the roof to provide more than waterproofing, including solar, garden and recreational surfaces.
Use of Recycled Plastics in Eco-efficient Concrete (Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering) - Product Features
  • Use of Recycled Plastics in Eco-efficient Concrete looks at the processing of plastic waste, including techniques for separation, the production of plastic aggregates, the production of concrete with recycled plastic as an aggregate or binder, the fresh properties of concrete with plastic aggregates, the shrinkage of concrete with plastic aggregates, the mechanical properties of concrete with plastic aggregates, toughness of concrete with plastic aggregates, modulus of elasticity of concrete with plastic aggregates, durability of concrete with plastic aggregates, concrete plastic waste powder with enhanced neutron radiation shielding, and more, thus making it a valuable reference for academics and industrial researchers.
Oil Sand Production Processes - Product Features
  • The combination of global warming and peak oil has made finding alternative sources of energy more important than ever. Written in an easy-to-read format, Oil Sands Production Processes provide the reader with an understandable overview of the chemistry, engineering, and technology of oil sands. The various chapters have been written to include the latest developments in the oil sands industry, including evolving and new processes as well as the various environmental regulations.
Asphalt, Tar & Bitumen in the United Kingdom: Market Sales - Product Features
  • The Asphalt, Tar & Bitumen United Kingdom eBook provides 14 years Historic and Forecast data on the market for each of the 22 Products and Markets covered. The Products and Markets covered (Asphalt, tar & bitumen) are classified by the Major Products and then further defined and analysed by each subsidiary Product or Market Sector. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic and Forecast Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided, as well as Industry Data (59 items) for United Kingdom.
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