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The Environment and Aggregate-Related Archaeology - Product Features
  • This volume provides a synthetic review of the background and archaeology that has emerged through archaeological interventions associated with the quarrying of sand, gravel, and rock for aggregates. The book covers all periods from the Lower Palaeolithic to Medieval, and is organized on a regional basis. The review, which also contains as yet unpublished data, shows how the variety and preservation of archaeology can greatly expand our understanding of the relationships of humans to their changing environments.
Highway Material Testing and Quality Control - Product Features
  • This manual is one of a kind in that it deals with highway material testing procedures with an emphasis on interpretation of results and relates it to practical applications. This manual, besides serving as a basic textbook on highway material testing methods for students at the degree (B.E./B.Tech) and diploma levels (Civil Engineering), would be of immense practical value for field engineers and testing laboratories.
  • The salient features of this manual include detailed testing procedures following the latest codes and guidelines. Material testing is presented in the manual in an easy-to-follow manner. It is broadly divided into seven modules dealing with soils, aggregates, bitumen, granular and bituminous mix design, quality control, and pavement evaluation.
  • Other essential features of this manual include: typical results obtained from laboratory and field tests during professional interaction with professionals at work. It also includes ready to use observation sheets for instant interpretation of test results and justification. Review questions are given at the end of each testing procedure for better comprehension and revision.
CONFUSING WORDS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE : An Aggregate of A to Z of CONFUSING WORDS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE in English Language based on the Advance Oxford Dictionary. 8th Edition. - Product Features
  • These words can be confusing as the name sounds this is because of their formations, usage, spelling, and sound. This comprises of Homograph; Homophone; homonym and homophonous.
Aggregate 50 - Product Features
  • Aggregate 50 is a story about friendship. It?s a story about how your attitude determines your destiny. It?s a story which will enforce that you believe your inner soul. It?s a story about discovering yourself. It?s a story about love. It?s a story about success. It?s a story about failure.
  • Come explore the journey with three boys, Ashish, Akshay, and Trilochan, who were fascinated by the CA course and landed themselves in Chennai. Passing a particular subject requires a minimum of 40 marks, but in order to clear the exam, one should fetch an AGGREGATE 50. Let?s find out how it challenges each of them and their friendship. Can their friendship withstand the challenge?
Aggregate: Stories at the Intersection of Science Fiction and Horror - Product Features
  • Science fiction stories often look to worlds bursting with imagination, or exploring the impact of a speculative future. And while horror stories can be written for superficial spooks, the best ones dig deep and compel an introspection that may be uncomfortable. There's an overlap that ties the two genres together, where sociology meets terror, and where technology collides with the human condition.
  • This collection of thirteen stories explores have the potential to make you reflect on the world and on your place within it. Each story deals with human nature, and what it means to live in this complex and changing world at this strange time in history.
Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Curves - Product Features
  • Explain the impacts of an expansionary fiscal policy such as a tax cut on the levels GDP, Consumption, Investment, interest rate and unemployment and price. Explain using separate graphs of C+I+G line and Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply curves. In particular explain how your answer depends on the slope of the aggregate supply curve.
Aggregate Impact Value Testing Apparatus - Product Features
  • Aggregate Impact Value Testing Apparatus is used to determine the Aggregate Impact Value which is an empirical measure of crushing strength of aggregates.
Aggregat A4 - Vergeltungswaffe V-2: Manual 1943: Ger?tbeschreibung Baureihe A (Aerospace History Documents) - Product Features
  • At the end of the Second World War, large rockets launched by the German Army, fell on cities in southern England, Belgium and France. After a development period of 12 years, the V-2 missiles were ready for use. The final phase of the tests was carried out with the A-series. With this series, production was tested and the troops were trained in the handling of the rocket.
  • The A-series differs in a few details from the later series. An interesting difference is the planned equipment with two explosive payloads instead of just one. During the flights, the limit to space was regularly crossed. This manual reproduced here is therefore also a document of early spaceflight history. Reprint of the technical manual for the V-2 rocket, which was given to the troops to handle and launch the missile. Rare version for the first A-series of the V-2 rocket. Important text passages are explained or translated literally. With drawings and photographs of technical details of the world?s first space going rocket.
Aggregate Data A Complete Guide - 2020 Edition - Product Features
  • What aggregate data would you want to capture? Why would you aggregate data before loading it? Do you need to filter/aggregate data before invoking existing backend systems? What data is valuable to you your own data, aggregate data of your peers, industry-wide data? How have you or your team tried to aggregate data from disparate systems to create a single source of truth?
  • This exclusive Aggregate Data self-assessment will make you the trusted Aggregate Data domain adviser by revealing just what you need to know to be fluent and ready for any Aggregate Data challenge.
Aggregate Planning A Complete Guide - 2020 Edition - Product Features
  • What are the main strategies used for aggregate planning? Can demand manipulation for aggregate planning involve price increases? How can aggregate planning be used in an environment of high demand uncertainty? How do you modify the aggregate planning problem? Why aggregate planning necessary?

    This best-selling Aggregate Planning self-assessment will make you the entrusted Aggregate Planning domain leader by revealing just what you need to know to be fluent and ready for any Aggregate Planning challenge.

  • How do I reduce the effort in the Aggregate Planning work to be done to get problems solved? How can I ensure that plans of action include every Aggregate Planning task and that every Aggregate Planning outcome is in place? How will I save time investigating strategic and tactical options and ensuring Aggregate Planning costs are low? How can I deliver tailored Aggregate Planning advice instantly with structured going-forward plans?
Aggregate Shawl : Guernsey style knitting pattern | accessory knitwear - Product Features
  • This Guernsey style shawl has oodles of textures that make for a modern yet rustic accessory knitwear. It'll look equally at home in a sophisticated coffee cafe or in the backwood wilds.
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