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Vijnana Bhairava: The Practice of Centring Awareness - Product Features
  • It teaches 112 dharanas or ways of centring awareness and entering divine consciousness, which include ordinary and extraordinary experiences, as well as tantric methods of spiritual practice such as kundalini, mantra and mudra. This ancient text is of great relevance for a spirituality of our times which has to integrate all aspects of life.
Centring the Margins: Essays and Reviews - Product Features
  • Centring the Margins is a collection of reviews and essays written between 2001 and 2014 of writers from Canada, the United States, the UK, and Europe. Most are neglected, obscure, or considered difficult, and include Mati Unt, Ornela Vorpsi, S.D. Chrostowska, Blaise Cendrars and Joseph McElroy, among others.
Centring on the Peripheries: Studies in Scandinavian, Scottish, Gaelic and Greenlandic Literature: No. 28 (Series A: Scandinavian Literary History and Criticism) - Product Features
  • Are the peripheries the new centre? How do the 'debatable lands' of Scandinavia and Scotland write their relations with their national centres, and with each other? Is the story of the margins just a figment of the metropole's imagination? How have postcolonialism and postnationalism made themselves felt in the literature of the cultural patchwork of Northern Europe? In these sixteen essays, Scandinavian and Scottish scholars trace ways to tell the stories of connections, boundaries and localities that might go undetected by historians and artists who see things from the perspective of the established centres. The literatures of the islands, borderlands and landscapes of the North and Baltic Seas are set in dialogue with contemporary literary and socio-political approaches to the study of local, national and global cultural constellations, disrupting conventional cartographies that paint the margins as passive victims of geography or economics. The essays demonstrate that relations between 'core' and 'periphery' are in constant flux, and that narratives of community, identity and history on the peripheries often do not aspire to the forms and kudos of core and canon. "Centring on the Peripheries" opens up unexpected perspectives on cultural roots and on the routes between cultures, revealing surprising literary alliances and historical parallels. It will appeal to scholars of cultural identity, postcolonialism and European literature, and to readers who delight in exploring the borderlands of the literary canon.
AGRICO TATA Ball Point Hammer , 200 g - Product Features
  • Tata Agrico ball point hammer was made for use in striking and shaping metal materials. It is the tool that is utilized to form the general shape of the material in metal fabrication. It is also used for hitting chisels and punches
  • The Tata Agrico Ball point hammer is also used for shaping and expanding the free end of light rivets, copper roves and set rivets. It has also become common for the ball peen hammer to be used for shaping, flattening or removing dents in various metals, because of the additional hardness and heft that you can find in the tool
  • Agrico Ballpoint hammer is hardened & tempered. Guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Handle treated with Chrome Dipped Solution to prevent it from fungus & rust
  • Length X Width X Height (cm) : 28X6X3 & Weight (kg) : 0.312
Invaincu Stockist Automatic Electric Rebar Tying Machine Battery Steel Tools, Orange,12V - Product Features
  • Invaincu Stockist Automatic Electric Rebar Tying Machine Battery Steel Tools, Orange
  • Tier Tying Machine Automatic Steel Bar Rod Tying Binding Tool Handheld Electric Tying Tools 30-60mm Tying Range
  • Rebar Tier is a hand held machine used to pack rebars quickly, It can save 3-5 times than man power by hand.
  • The Tying Machine is used for building market, including civil building, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, steel bar, etc.
  • Reasonable structure, advanced craft, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.
F8WARES Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Reusable Washable Nitrile Coated Work Safety Hand Gloves for Gardening Industrial Agricultural Cleaning for Men & Women Free Size - Product Features
  • WORKING GLOVES : Our Gloves are non-slip Made up of Cut proof Knitted cotton with strong Thick Nitrile coated for extra protection They are free size Elastic flexible and fits all hands medium , large and xl with Tight Fitting . Long for Men women Adults and Kids
  • USAGE : These Nitrile Coated Latex free Durable all Purpose Gloves are best for garden work , home cleaning , sanitary toilet bathroom cleaning , dye hair coloring , construction , cement plant , pet bath , protection , garage , Kitchen , metal works , wood-working , paint , animal handling , cut-proof , oil reistant , water-proof , Farming , Household , engineering , mechanical , agriculture factory lab and more
  • APPLICATION : These are used by Regular Household in kitchen , bathroom , cleaning . Engineers , construction workers , factory workers , Farmers , Carpenters , Plumbers , Fish meat Cutting , Painters , Salon , Chikan shops , Car mechanics
  • CARING YOURSELF : Flock odor resistant lining to keep hands from sweating. BTW, those cleaning nitrile gloves are powder free, latex-free, Vinyl-Free and have no noxious smell , Reusable , Protective and Washable
Oblivion Heavy Duty Small Hammer Stubby Mini Claw Hammers Short Handle Rubber Grip (0.4 Kg) - Product Features
  • Material: Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Durable, safe and environmental
  • Drop Forged, Heat Treated, Induction Hardened and tempered with highly polished heads
  • Size:(0.400 kg)-16*11.5CM
Python Claw Hammer Steel Shaft Grip 225 GMS / 12" (305 MM) - Product Features
  • Made in India
  • Head Weight: 225 GMS, Length: 305mm x 12?
  • Medium-Heavy Duty Usage: DIY, Home Repairs, Nail-Framing, Removing Nails, Construction, Wood-Work, Prying, Metal-Work and General Maintenance.
  • Drop Forged, Heated-Treated, Induction Hardened and Highly Polished Heads
  • Perfect Size, Weight and Feel to Ensure Non-Slip Grip and Swing Balance
  • Curved Claws Maximise Nail Pulling Leverage with Relative Ease
  • Light-Design Enables Accurate Pressure Per Strike with Minimal Effort
  • Cushion-Soft Grip for Comfortable and Better Grip
BLACK+DECKER BDHT43188 Aluminium Box Beam Level 40cm (Orange) - Product Features
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Item Dimension: 400.0mm x 20.0mm x 50.0mm
  • Measuring tool for balancing the level at construction areas.
  • New shape box design, block magnified central vial
  • Large tubular side vials, with consistent accuracy in readings
  • Benefits: Easier to read, more durable in case of shocks, more ergonomical, easy to clean after use
  • Box beam level 40cm
  • 6 month warranty provided from the date of purchase
Chipping Hammer with Wooden Handle 300g - Product Features
  • Handle Material: Wooden
  • Weight: 300grm
  • Surface: Polished
  • Hammer Type: Safety Hammer
Ball Pein Hammer , Hammer Wood Handle , Selected Steel Head Hammer 200gm Weight Ash Wood Handle Ball Peen Hammer - Product Features
  • Material: Metal, Color: Silver
  • 3 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Ash wood handle
  • Hammer head from selected steel
  • Pack of 1 Piece
ELITRENDZ Curved Claw Hammer with Tubular Steel Shaft Handle | Head Weight : 1/2 LBS / 227 GMS | - Product Features
  • Claw Hammer with Tubular Steel Shaft Handle | Head Weight - 227 GMS |
  • Overall Length - 280 mm / 11" , Strong Tubular Steel Shaft Handle.
  • Ideal for Nail Framing and Removing Nails.
  • Curved Claw Generates Nail-Pulling Leverage.
  • Scientifically hardened and tempered to ensure best combination of hardness and toughness.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs shock & vibration reducing fatigue. Special bonding process ensures that head never gets loose from the handle.
  • Drop forged from high grade Alloy Steel.
STANLEY 51-152 Claw Hammer with Steel Shaft-220 gms (Black and Chrome) - Product Features
  • Shaft 15% longer for better balance and control
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle for comfort and grip
  • Fully heat treated carbon steel head for strength,durability and safety
  • Hardened and tempered tubular steel shaft for strength
  • Flock filled rubber grip for comfort and durability
  • 5 Tonne force fit heah to handle assembly for imrpoved safety
  • Seamless,oval,tubular steel shaft for strength and balance
Proxima Steel Claw Hammer English Pattern with Fiberglass Handle Size 20oz(567 Gram Weight, Handle Length 270mm) - Product Features
  • Proxima Steel Claw Hammer ENGLISH PATTERN With Fiberglass Handle Size 20oz
  • Balanced weight for comfortable use on most general purpose jobs
  • Branded
  • Used for Forming and Shaping Sheet Metal, Striking Punches and Chisels & Peening Rivets
Python Cross Pein/Peen Hammer American Wood Handle 100 GMS / 13" (330 MM) - Product Features
  • Made in India, Head Weight: 100 GMS, Length: 330mm x 13?
  • Forged Steel Head and American Hardwood Handle
  • Light-Duty Usage: Home and General Repairs, Metalwork, Machining, DIY
  • Cross-Shaped End Provides Better Facility to Drive Small Nails, Panel Picks, Tacks and Chisels; Set Rivets, Bend or Shape Metal
  • Better Control and Eliminated Hand Fatigue On The Job
Suzec Johnson Series Multipurpose Ball Pein Hammer with Handle (100gm) - Product Features
  • Weight: 100g
  • A ball peen is a good choice for working with metal.
  • Ball peen hammers are commonly used to drive cold chisels, set rivets, and bend and shape metal.
  • Various other features are added to some hammers which allow them to be even more versatile.
  • A tool designed with your hand in mind. Even more power for easier working.
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