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Spartan LT-200S Heavy Duty Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine (IGBT technology) 200S with Hot Start, Anti-Stick, Arc Force, Power Boost Functions- 6+6 month warranty (Red & Black, Pack of 1), Compact - Product Features
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: The Heavy Duty portable welding machine is designed to make the job easy, and has a carrying handle for easy transit, lightness and strength of its componeprofessionals or personal use
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Power and frequency -AC220V, 50/60HZ; Phase-1PH; Efficiency-80% ; Rated input (KVA) - 9.4; Amperage ra59 V; Rated working Voltage-30V.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This Arc Welding Machine is suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel and other kinds of metal , make your welding job happy and convenient.
  • CONVINIENT YET SAFE: This welding machine can be pluggehousehold current and also with Gensets , and is also equipped with digtal display.
  • INCLUDE COMPONENT: It comes with Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine with input current 45Amp, with built-in excellent anti-stick and other functions
SCHWEIBER Heavy Duty Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) MAGIC MINI 200AMP with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions, Arc Force Control - 1 Year Warranty? - Product Features
  • Compact, Portable Highly Effective, Low Consumption, Energy Saving,With Strong Compensation Capability. Small Size, Light Weight, Energy Saving And No Noise.
  • Anti-Stick, Hot Start, ensures easy removal of the electrode ; Self-adaptive Arc Force, makes welding much easier; Self-adaptive Arc Force, makes welding much easier.
  • VRD: fostering safe welding and longer machine life ; Stable & Reliable performance, makes welding enjoyable ; Auto compensate voltage fluctuation, takes wider voltage inputs.
  • Multipurpose -This Machine is suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel and other kinds of metal; It is great for welding, maintenance, repair, Heavy and light industry and more; Package includes electrode holder and cable, clamps,
TATA AGRICO Welding Rod - (E6013 2.50X350MM) - Product Features
  • Low Spill and Smoke Emission
  • Made From Prime Steel Wire Rods
  • A Welder's Friend
  • Minimum Electricity Consumption
  • Mild Steel Electrodes - ISI Grade
Capacitor PCB for MMA ARC 200 suitable for Inverter MOSFET Type Welding Machine - Product Features
  • Main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) replacement
  • Fits most of the welding machine brands
  • SWPS is a manufacturer and suplier of PCB for all kinds of welding machine
  • SWPS is one of the leading supplier of spares and replacement parts for welding machines
BOSSWELD ARC 400T Welding Machine with Multi Voltage (120V - 560V) - Product Features
  • Power Supply : 220/440V 50Hz
  • Attractive welding spots, small sparks, causing no blackening, stable welding current, even welding spots
  • Don't use machine forNo Switch No Fan No Earth Holder No Supply Wire Only Circuit Board Guaranty
MLD 100 115 125mm Angle Grinder Stand Metal Cutting Machine Cutter Support Power Tools Accessories Angle Grinder - Product Features
  • Suitable for angle grinder with disc diameter 100mm - 125mm . Metal cutting at different angles Maximum clamping width 80 mm, fixture 45 degree adjustment, cutting depth of 30 mm
  • Cutting can be completed with various saw blades as required.45?degree adjustable, more flexible cutting angle.Accurate and fast wood/steel cutting.Lengthened handle keep body away from cutter, more secure.
  • Package Contains:: Only 1 Pc Stand ;Angle grinder is NOT included Integrated Clamping DeviceRobust Construction With A Metal Bar For Angle Grinders?? 115 And 125 Mm Solid construction with cast (mm):4.9
  • Multi-angle adjustable cutting, 0-45 angle cutting, max cutting width 90mm.Aluminum bracket with a plastics anti-skidding handle for better cutting control.Iron base screws or bolts to a workbench or stand.
  • The grinder holder securely holds your angle grinder for better control of the cutting wheel, essentially turning your grinder into a mini chop saw for precise cutting of pipe, rebar or tubing.
Welding Machine, Welding Equipment Welder Replacement Parts Hot Stapler Welding Gun Professional Repair Tool Handheld for Industry for Welding Worker(#1) - Product Features
  • Welder kit comes with 4 types of staple, in order to meet your different needs.
  • The ergonomiand operate, saving time and effort.
  • Manufactured according to the original production specifications, in line with strict quality standards.
  • Compact size, lightweight and portable, easy to carry and, bring much convenience for you.
  • With overheating protection, it is safe to use, just turn on the power and solder to the place where welding is needed.
MV 6 In1 Electric Soldering Iron Stand Tool Wire Stripper Kit 25 Watt Welding Stick Set - Product Features
  • A complete soldering kit for beginnersx
  • Durable elements but not for heavy industrial use
  • General purpose for all electronic applications and household needs
  • The kit contains-1 x 25W High Quality SolderiCutter and StrWick and 20 gram High Quality Solder Lead
Generic Tungsten Electrode Professional Tig Rod 2.4 Mm For Option 0.8% Zirconiated For Tig Welding Machine - Product Features
  • Material:Tungsten Welding Current:10-250(DC/AC)Application:DC, AC Length:150 mm(6")Operating Temperature:NA Operating Current:10-250(DC/AC)Model Number:WZ8 Head Color:White Package:10 pcs Electrode Name:0.8% Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode
  • Zirconiated tungsten electrode is the most commonly used in alternating current welding,which contains a small amount of Zirconium oxide. It?s electron work is 2.5eperforms well, and it is easier to start arc than pure tungsten. Arc stability.
  • It can also prevent and control pollution well. Current-carrying capacity is quite good as well. The biggest characteristic of this electron is that its top can keep globular to reduce the seepage of tungsten in the high load current and it also has good corrosion resistance
Portable Transistor Mini Spot Welding Machine Automatic Manual Weld Adjustable-POOWE - Product Features
  • LCD display for display welding parameters.
  • Equipped with 5 MOS tubes, low internal resistance with large t.
  • With one 25V, 10000uf high frequency low resistance tance for compensate welding energy.
  • Support multiple welding sourcand supertor.
  • Two welding methods, automatic welding and manual welding adjustable.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
Professional Spot Welding Pen for Welding Machine Lithium Battery Handheld Welding Pen Portable Weld DIY Accessories pekdi - Product Features
  • [Professional welding pens are compatible with spot welding machine, and are applicable to repair, DIY, maintenance, etc.
  • [Suitable for lithium battery welding; applicable nickel sheet thickness: 0.3mm and below.
  • [Reliable quality engineering s with great durability. Frosted surface is non-slip and comfortable to grasp.
  • [Lightweight, portable and space-saving, easy to carry.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
Divine Marketing Hitech ARC Inverter Welding Machine MMA 400ST (Single/Two/Three Phase) Orange, 400 AMP Heavy Duty phase 1/2/3, for Professional use - Product Features
  • Brand Name-HI TECH
  • Voltage 60V up to 560V
  • Model---MMA 400ST
  • PHASE--1/2/3
  • with Cable Connector
OSFT 60W Temperature Solder Gun Iron Auto Welding Electric Soldering Tools Kit For PCB Soldering, SMD Soldering and Professional Soldering - Product Features
  • Soldering gun with auto soldering wire Rollers
  • Makes it easy to solder on PCB and SMD Components
  • Light weight, Portable and easy to use
  • AC
  • Light weight and durable
Myaka 5 mtr Welding Cable for Welding Inverter Machine ( 5 mtr Cable ) - Product Features
  • All position welding, general purpose rod for shallow penetration or in poor fit up conditions Excellent wetting action
  • For Portable and lightweight arc welding machine is ideal for ththat want to make small repairs around the house.
  • Durable for long time using and so practical.
  • for Electrode holder is made of High Quality Brass material with Insulated Handle. Special Design for Easy Cable Connection
KEEAN ARC Welding Euro Style Electrode Holder + Heavy Duty Earthing Clamp, Combo, 400 AMP, Without cable wire - Product Features
  • Insulated Handle Made Of Fiber Glass Polyamide And Head From DMC
  • 5MM Electrode Size Capacity
  • Full Brass Body Construction Inside
  • 400A Arc Welding Manual Welder Earth Ground Cable Copper Grip Clip Clamp Heavy Duty
  • With High Strength Spring, The Ground Clamp Help You Clip The Things More Tightly
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