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The Future of the Medical Plastics Market: Opportunities for Growth - Product Features
  • Plastics have occupied an important place in the modern medical industry. It has substituted traditional devices and products made of metal, other materials, and ceramics. Over recent years, increased reliance on transparent plastic pharmaceutical and medical products has produced remarkable breakthroughs that improve medical attention delivery and allow it to be more comfortable for the masses to live better and longer lives. The purpose of this handbook is to provide a strategic perspective on the market to identify opportunities for growth and promising niches in the medical plastics market. It also helps in analyzing emerging trends in medical plastics to facilitate new product development.
  • The medical plastics market is a new field with a broad scope and unending opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers and medical practitioners from healthcare. With a combination of the right material and technology, it has a lot to offer to the patients with affordable pricing. By keeping the worth of the medical plastics market in mind, we have set some objectives. This book identifies growth factors in the medical plastics market and analyzes critical factors of success to compete. The author presents background on the medical plastics market by its usage, products, processes, and innovation. He also reviews existing studies on the medical plastics market for topics like market size, market growth, segment growth, and geographic markets.
Dynamics of Wheel-Soil Systems: A Soil Stress and Deformation-Based Approach (Ground Vehicle Engineering) - Product Features
  • Why is knowledge of soil stress and deformation state important for off-road locomotion? How do you measure soil stress and deformation under wheel loads? What are the actual values of stresses and deformation in soil or snow under a passing wheel? Providing answers to these questions and more, Dynamics of Wheel?Soil Systems: A Soil Stress and Deformation-Based Approach is a practical reference for anyone who works with experiment design and data analysis of soil stress and deformation measurements under vehicle load.
  • Based on the author?s 15 years of experience in field experimentation on wheel?soil dynamics, the book describes methods and devices for soil stress and deformation measurements and presents numerical data from full-scale field experiments. These methods offer practical solutions to methodological problems that may arise during the design and preparation of field experiments.
Automotive Global Value Chain: The Rise of Mega Suppliers (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies) - Product Features
  • Today, some suppliers have grown increasingly powerful and in certain cases, earn revenues that rival or even exceed that of their automaker clients. In the pre-globalisation period, automakers wielded absolute power over their significantly smaller suppliers. This book reveals the upending of this relationship, with the gradual shift in the balance of power from automakers to their suppliers in this era of globalisation.
  • The book examines how suppliers in the global tyres, seats, constant velocity joints (hereafter 'CVJs'), braking systems and automotive semiconductor industries have evolved into powerful oligopolies through a mix of acquisition and organic growth strategies. It also highlights how joint ventures could be strategically deployed as springboards to acquisition, as they enable firms to familiarise themselves with their partners? markets and operations. Moreover, the book analyses the disruption stirred by the entry of well-resourced technology titans into this industry and their inevitable clash with the traditional incumbents.
  • This book is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in learning more about the automakers? and now their suppliers? relentless quest to create market-dominating intelligent driving systems.
High-Efficiency Solar Cells: Physics, Materials, and Devices: 190 (Springer Series in Materials Science) - Product Features
  • As part of the effort to increase the contribution of solar cells (photovoltaics) to our energy mix, this book addresses three main areas: making existing technology cheaper, promoting advanced technologies based on new architectural designs, and developing new materials to serve as light absorbers. Leading scientists throughout the world create a fundamental platform for knowledge sharing that combines the physics, materials, and device architectures of high-efficiency solar cells. While providing a comprehensive introduction to the field, the book highlights directions for further research, and is intended to stimulate readers? interest in the development of novel materials and technologies for solar energy applications.
Engineering Materials: Applied Research and Evaluation Methods - Product Features
  • This book covers many important aspects of applied research and evaluation methods in chemical engineering and materials science that are important in chemical technology and in the design of chemical and polymeric products. This book gives readers a deeper understanding of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at surfaces and interfaces. The link between interfacial behavior and the performance of products and chemical processes is important. Helping to fill the gap between theory and practice, this book explains the major concepts of new advances in high-performance materials and their applications.
Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition - Product Features
  • This intuitive DIY guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose household devices and integrate them with your Raspberry Pi and Arduino inventions. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition, features fun, easy-to-follow projects. You?ll discover how to build an Internet-controlled hacked electric toy, ultrasonic rangefinder, remote-controlled robotic rover, audio amp, slot car brakes and headlights?even a smart card reader!
Fatigue, Stress, and Strain of Rubber Components: A Guide for Design Engineers - Product Features
  • This book covers the fatigue testing of specimens, curve fitting of equations to the test data, and the use of such equations in life prediction. Earlier chapters are background in the nature of rubber, history of its usage, brief mention of types of rubber and manufacturing methods. Stress-strain testing and behavior is covered to the extent relevant to fatigue analysis. Also, the text covers the application of finite element analysis to components to determine high stress points that are vulnerable to fatigue failure. It is a very useful reference for practicing engineers charged with the responsibility to design structural rubber components where fatigue life is a concern. It also serves as a text for short courses, or as a supplementary text for a university course in rubber engineering.
Engineering With Rubber: How to Design Rubber Components - Product Features
  • Information on design and application of rubber components is an essential part of a general engineering education, along with the study of other materials, so that the new engineer can make intelligent design choices. Without this knowledge, the engineer will be dependent on the rubber manufacturer or supplier for product design and technical information. This book is intended to meet the need for such information.
  • This second edition of Engineering with Rubber contains updated and revised textual material and many new problems that deal with specific issues and allow the reader to test their understanding of the materials. Questions are appended to nearly every chapter-this feature is especially useful for students and those new to the field.
Engineering With Rubber: How to Design Rubber Components - Product Features
  • This book provides the principles of rubber science and technology: what rubber is, how it behaves, and how to design engineering components with rubber. It introduces the principles on which successful use of rubber depends and offers solutions to the questions engineers in rubber processing face every day. How is an elastomer chosen and a formulation developed? Why is rubber highly elastic and relatively strong? How is the stiffness and strength of a product estimated? How is high quality and durability guaranteed? The authors describe current practices in rubber engineering. At the end of each chapter, there are sample questions and problems (with solutions) that gauge mastery of the material.
Elastomers and Components: Service Life Prediction - Progress and Challenges - Product Features
  • Elastomeric components are widely used in engineering. Increasing demands are placed on them to withstand hostile conditions such as high temperature and corrosive environments. These demands make it harder to predict likely service life or improve design to ensure their longer-term performance. This important book reviews the wealth of research on understanding fatigue and failure in elastomers, and how this understanding can be used to predict and extend their service life.
  • The first part of the book reviews factors determining ageing behaviour such as heat, corrosive environments, wear and cracking. It also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of current service prediction models. The second part of the book focuses on analysing and improving the design and service life of particular applications such as O-rings, bearings, springs and valves.
  • With its distinguished editor and team of contributors, Elastomers and components: service life prediction; progress and challenges is an invaluable reference for engineers involved in the design and use of elastomers.
Mechanics of Rubber Bearings for Seismic and Vibration Isolation - Product Features
  • Widely used in civil, mechanical and automotive engineer?ing since the early 1980s, multilayer rubber bearings have been used as seismic isolation devices for buildings in highly seismic areas in many countries. Their appeal in these applications comes from their ability to provide a component with high stiffness in one direction with high flexibility in one or more orthogonal directions. This combination of vertical stiffness with horizontal flexibility, achieved by reinforcing the rubber by thin steel shims perpendicular to the vertical load, enables them to be used as seismic and vibra?tion isolators for machinery, buildings and bridges.
  • Mechanics of Rubber Bearings for Seismic and Vibration Isolation collates the most important information on the mechanics of multilayer rubber bearings. It explores a unique and comprehensive combination of relevant topics, covering all prerequisite fundamental theory and providing a number of closed-form solutions to various boundary value problems as well as a comprehensive historical overview on the use of isolation.
  • Many of the results presented in the book are new and are essential for a proper understanding of the behavior of these bearings and for the design and analysis of vibration or seismic isolation systems. The advantages afforded by adopting these natural rubber systems is clearly explained to designers and users of this technology, bringing into focus the design and specification of bearings for buildings, bridges and industrial structures.
High Performance Elastomer Materials: An Engineering Approach (AAP Research Notes on Chemistry) - Product Features
  • This book presents selected papers on various aspects of rubber engineering, technology, and exploitation. The contributions range from new methods of the modification of filler surface and crosslinks structure of rubber vulcanizates, through modern functional elastomer composites, to aspects of their thermal stability, flammability, and ozone degradation.
  • Each chapter contains a brief introduction to a particular topic, a description of the experimental techniques, and a discussion on the results obtained, followed by conclusions. The book will help to broaden the knowledge of researchers in the field of rubber compounding, crosslinking, and behavior under various exploitation conditions.
  • Non- pneumatic tyres are airless components. Instead of air, they contain deformable spokes made of poly urethane materials. Non pneumatic tyres have found application in military because they flat proof (puncture free) and no air pressure maintenance is required here. As poly urethane can carry twice the load of rubber tyres, it can be used for heavy duty transport. Modelling is done in SOLID WORKS software and the model is transported to ANSYS. Static analysis of non-pneumatic tyre is then carried out and the stress, strain, deformation are calculated. These results are compared with pneumatic tyre having same dimensions as non-pneumatic tyre. For material study, hyperelastic material is taken and their effect on load-deformation are determined and compared with pneumatic tyre. It is expected that poly urethane non-pneumatic tyre would perform better.
ESSENTIALS In ELASTOMER SCIENCE: Volume 1: Physical and Chemical Testing of Elastomers and Elastomeric Components - Product Features
  • This book which comes in three volumes deals with salient aspects in chemistry and physics relating to testing, elastomers types, cross-linking methods applicable, mixing process and reinforcing action with traditionally used and new filler systems. The subject matter is presented in simple language for students and personnel on the factory floor with a basic knowledge in polymer chemistry to comprehend.
  • 1. The volume 1 presented here comes in two parts and deals with "Physical and Chemical Testing of Elastomers and Elastomeric Components". The subject matter here emphasizes, how to unravel crucial properties from raw materials to finished goods. The two parts in this volume deals with Physical testing and Chemical methods applicable, enlightening the reader in a more simplistic manner the underlying principles behind each test. It also quotes from literature where possible how such tests and appropriate adaptations have been used to derive useful information to enhance performance of the final product.
  • 2. The volume 2 soon to be published entitled "Materials and Methods", is in three parts and discuss relevant aspects on general purpose, special purpose and speciality elastomers with appropriate examples to illustrate the significance. Under this mechanistic aspects of Sulphur, Peroxide and many other types of cross-linking methods are discussed taking appropriate elastomer to illustrate applicability. In addition emphasis is also made on Thermoplastic Elastomers, Elastomer Blends, Ionomers, Bio-elastomers, Reclaimed Rubber and Degradation and Ageing in Elastomeric components.
  • 3. The volume 3 deals with the "Science in Rubber Compounding, Process Control in Mixing and Filler Reinforcement" in 2 parts. The discussions gives emphasis to developments in mixing equipment, process control techniques applicable in mixing/compounding and the science in reinforcing fillers inclusive of new generation of nano materials, highlighting the modifications to improve performance.
Latex, Laticifers and Their Molecular Components: From Functions to Possible Applications (ISSN Book 93) - Product Features
  • Latex, Laticifers And Their Products, Volume 93 in the Advances in Botanical Research series, highlights new advances in the growing field of the latex of different plant species and a diversity of molecules produced by the plants within laticifers. The new volume presents timely chapters on the latest developments in Plant latex and latex-borne defense, Physiology and structure of laticifers, Low-molecular compounds of latex-bearing plants/Latex-based defense strategies against pests, Plant latex proteins and their functions, Latex and Laticifers as a Source of Useful Bioactive Compounds. Pharmacologically active compounds from latex of medicinal plants.
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