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Smart Buy Mosquito Mesh PVC Coated Fiber Glass Mesh with Digital Design Printed mesh 48 x 48 Inch 4 x 4 Feet 120 X 120 cm Multi Color with Stitching with 1 Cutter - Product Features
  • Mosquito net for windows,You can use for Wooden windows/Aluminium windows/PVC Windows/Upvc Windows
  • Material:Fiberglass Mesh with design
  • In the Pack:1 Mosquito with Stitched, 1 Adhesive Hook Sticker, 1 , Cutter 21
  • Colors Available:Multicolour
Green Canopy Shade Net (mesh) Heavy Duty Net Cover with 90% Sun-Block UV Treated for Multipurpose Like Garden Patio, Plants and Homes with Eyelets , 150 GSM, Size : 3mtr x 3mtr 9.8ft x 9.8ft - Product Features
  • OPTIMAL SUN BLOCKAGE -- Provides up to 90% blockage of sunlight and creates a comfortable Shade area and protection against UV rays.
  • UV STABILIZED -- Our Shade Net is UV stabilized for long lasting life and can withstand many seasons.
  • STRONG MATERIAL -- Our Heavy Duty HDPE Polyethylene Knitted Fabric allows air to pass through and lasts longer.
  • ALL-WEATHER RESISTANT -- Our HDPE Shade Net will withstand any high or low temperature, and will not mold.
  • Various Application -- Our sun Shade Net is widely used for a patio, home balcony, windows, outdoor curtain, lawn, garden,swimming pool, BBQ areas, pond, deck, kailyard, courtyard, backyard, dooryard, park, carport, pergola, sandbox,driveway or other outdoor area to meet your shading needs.
IABA - Open Well Covering Net, Well Covering Mesh, UV Resistant, Small Mesh, Extra Strong, 4 X 4 Meter Size. - Product Features
  • High Quality, Extra Strong and Long Lasting with small mesh.
  • 4 x 4 Meter Size.
  • Used for Protecting Open Well and Pool.
  • Prevention from leaves and debris falling in it.
  • Restrict the entry of pets, small animals, birds like Cat, Rat, Bat..etc
Classic Mosquito Net for Window pre Stitched Premium Fiberglass (Size : 90 cm X 60 cm 3 Ft X 2 Ft , Color : Grey) with self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape - Product Features
  • High Quality Window Mosquito Mesh Net: 120 GSM best in class. Good toughness, LightWeight and durable screen mesh, Anti Wrinkle and no breaks. Chemical corrosion resistance. Window net for window Size : Length : 3 ft , Width : 2 ft . (90 cm X 60 cm)
  • Significance: Get your anti mosquito net for window soon and avoid the chances of mosquito borne disease Dengue, Malaria and other Mosquito related viruses. Let your child not get disturbed during his precious study , activity , work and sleep hours.
  • Important: Please once measure measurements of your window in foot / inch or centimeters before you order. It will help you to get right size of window mosquito net for your window. Length of the tapes will be sum of all sides of the net you have purchased dust and good ventilation.
  • Outstanding Durability: the window mosquito net which can be repeatedly opened and closed. Thanks to its high-quality materials, precision sewing and high-density mesh technology , it won?t be damaged even if you repeatedly open and close the window screen. In addition , it is convenient to clean the window screen because it can be removed.
  • Easy to fix & to remove. We are giving heavy quality self-adhesive hook sticker to stick on window frame. It is easy to fix your Aluminum , Steel & Wooden window. With electrostatic prevention function, do not adsorb dust and good ventilation.
LifeKrafts Polyester Magnetic Mosquito Net for Door | Mosquito Curtain for All Door Types & Sizes | Auto-Closing Insect Screen to Keep Mosquito Out (210x110 cm, Beige) - Product Features
  • Door Screens : These Mesh/Screens are used for Main Door/ Balcony Doors/ Kitchen Utility Doors or Any doors where there is a chance for Mosquitoes to enter. PERFECT MAGNETIC FASTENING - A combination of 28 magnets ensures quick open and automatic close. It is much better than plastic snaps. The magnets are built-in and hidden from view which can avoid noise when you go through the screen door
  • KEEP MOSQUITOES OUT- This is an innovative screen door to keep your family from annoying mosquitoes, flies and insects. with this magnetic screen door installed, your place is filled with natural air and breeze. You can easily pass through without hands as it can open and close automatically. It also allows toddlers and pets to go through easily . You do not have to open and close the door a hundred times for them. It doesn't hurt kids or pets in any way
  • SIGNIFICANCE : Ensure your Babies are from Mosquitoes - Avoid Chances of Dengue and other Mosquito related virus. Let your child not get disturbed during his precious study , activity and sleep hours
  • Velcro is fully sewn into the Mesh - Push Pins are provided for Wooden frames for additional support
  • EASY INSTALLATION : No Tools required - All the necessary hardware are included - magnetic screen door, a roll of hook and loop, a pack of push pins, Installation Instructions, The screen door can be easily installed in just a few minutes. It doesn't require any special tools or expertise for installation. Simply attach the handy hook and loop on your door frame and enjoy some peace of mind. Additional push pins are provided for an installation strong enough to handle high household traffic
Welrock Anti Bird Control Transparent Net/Mesh with Strong Nylon Strings for Balcony 10x15, 150Sqft - Product Features
  • Size of Net Length - 10x15 150Sqft.
  • New: Anti Bird Net With Reinforced Sides and Cable Ties for easy and self installation
  • Keep your balcony safe without harming Birds/ monkeys.
  • AntiBird Net protective mesh covering keeps birds away from fruits, berries, vegetables and newly seeded gardens and lawns.
  • The small openings will prevent birds from becoming tangled in the net. Product is durable, UV-treated mesh that is easy to use and will last for many years.
SAI PRASEEDA 4 Feet Height X 10 Feet Length UV Stabilized PVC Balcony Safety Net_Indoor Kids Safety Net_Protection Net_Anti Bird Net_ Black Color_with 1 Cutter and 50 Tags SPBSN58 - Product Features
  • In the pack : 4 X 10 Feet Black color balcony safety net, 1 cutter and 50 tags
  • Useful as Balcony safety net, Indoor kids safety net, corridor safety net, patios safety net, pets safety net, protection net, anti bird net.
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Offers good visibility, creates a safe sorroundings to your kids and pets.
  • Easy to install, We are providing you freely a cutter and tags to help you in the installation process.
Star Quick Links Garden Shade Net, Green Housing Net, UV Stabilized Agro Net, 60% Shade, Multi-Purpose, Shade Netting & Fencing, Car Parking (3 M X 5 M) - Product Features
  • Brand: Star Quick Links
  • Material: Virgin Plastic, Color: Green, GSM: 60, UV Stabilized
  • This Green Shade Net has 60% UV STABILIZATION sun protection.
  • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION. Protect plants or greenhouses or pets from harsh sunlight and overheating, protect swimming pool from leaf, create a comfortable shaded area anywhere needed, such as patio, porch, balcony, kennel, swimming pool and playground, serve as privacy and windbreak screen.
  • Help in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal and aromatic plant, vegetable and spices and Help to enhance yield during summer season
easyshoppingbazaar Anti Bird 8 X 15 Foot Quality Net (White) - Product Features
  • Undamaged item that is fully opeartional and functions as intended
  • Anti Bird 8 X 15 Foot Quality Net
  • Colour: White
MESH Planet 90% UV Protection Garden_Balcony_Terrace Shade Net_10 X 30 Feet_Green Color with 1 Scissor_100 Tags_100 Clamps mps5 - Product Features
  • In the Pack : 10 feet length x 30 Feet width Shade net, 1 scissor, 100 clamps,100 tags
  • Protects your plants from UV rays and dust
  • Useful in Nurseries, Gardens, Agricultural fields, Farm houses.
  • It can be used to cover balconies, terrace, open areas, home roof, ongoing construction works and for many indoor, outdoor areas
  • Light weight, durable and long lasting. We are providing 1 Scissor, Tags, Clamps freely to help you in the installation process.
SAI PRASEEDA PVC Garden Fencing Net/Mesh (4feet Height/15feet Length) UV Stabilized 800GSM Anti Bird Net Green Color 6 Months Guarantee with Free 1 Cutter,100 PVC Tags FN:10 - Product Features
  • SAI PRASEEDA Maintaining Quality & Guarantee
  • Pack contains:Plant Fencing net,1 Cutter,100 pvc Tag Locks
  • 100% UV Sun Light protection
  • Material:Virgin HDPE Heavy Guage and Foldable
  • Mainly we are Giving 6 months Guarantee
Home-Secure Lizard Shield Organic Lizard Repellent Spray Made With Plants Oil | Natural Non Toxic | Irritant-Free, Chemical-Free | Baby-Safe, Skin-Safe Plant-Safe | Lizard Killer For Home | Insect Repellent | Insect Killer - (20ML, Pack of 1) - Product Features
  • Protect your home with none of the harsh chemicals of other pest sprays with our natural eco-friendly lizard repellent spray.
  • No messy traps or poisons to use, simply a safe way to make the lizards leave! Whether it is a garden, patio, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playschools, offices, deck, windows or more, lizard shield makes them stay away! Real life professional home-secure have created this amazing formula based on their experience and knowledge so you can be sure of the results!
  • All natural, safe and effective! Our products are made with the purest essential oils. We use clove oil, peppermint oil and a blend of other ingredients that lizards/geckos hate! Feel good knowing that you will not be spraying any kind of chemicals or poisons near where your children or pets may be.
  • Long lasting - works quickly and offers long lasting protection against lizards and geckos invading your house, offices, kitchen, bathroom etc. Although the formula is potent to lizards, the natural oils give off a pleasant fragrance to humans.
  • Our product work. thousands of customers cannot be wrong.
BirdFlee Polycarbonate Bird Spikes 5pcs. Set - Product Features
  • Purchase 2 or more set for free delivery. Easy to install.Weather resistant. Do not spread with fire.
  • PVC Gitti and Screw are inside box along with Installation guide
  • UV protected.Can resist temp upto - 20C to 80C.
  • 5 years life guaranteed. Fully Polycarbonate spikes (no SS wire)
  • Decreases cost of house keeping by long-term cleaning cycles. Helps in keeping floor clean and stain free. Keeps birds away, which may spread diseases.
MESH MASTERS PVC Garden Fencing Net/Mesh (3.3feet/30feet) UV Stabilized 500GSM Anti Bird Net Green Color 6 Months Guarantee with Free 1 Cutter,100 PVC Tags - Product Features
  • MESH MASTERS PVC Garden Fencing Net/Mesh (3.3feet/30feet) UV Stabilized 500GSM Anti bird Net GREEN COLOR 6 Months Guarantee with free 1 CUTTER,100 PVC Tags
  • Pack contains:Plant Fencing net,1 Cutter,50 pvc Tag Locks
  • 100% UV Sun Light protection
  • Material:Virgin HDPE Heavy Guage and Foldable
  • Mainly we are Giving 6 months Guarantee
Home-Secure Snake Shield Natural Snake Repellent Spray | Snake Repellent |Non Toxic Natural Snake Repellent | Snake Repellent for Outdoors Garden Indoor | Snake Repellent Spray | (280 ML, Pack Of 1) - Product Features
  • Made from natural ingredients and herbs
  • Non-Toxic and Contains No Chemicals
  • Safest and Easiest Snake Repellent to use; With unique pleasant smell
  • Most economical and proven snake repellent
  • Scent Name: Cinnamon
Wasco UV-Stabilized HDPE Anti Bird Net for Balcony/Agro Garden Net/Pigeon Net/Monkey Safety Net 25 mm Hole (8x10 Ft =80 SQRFT) Color Green - Product Features
  • Strong Netting Prevents Cats, Monkeys, squirrels, Goats entering in your backyard WE ARE DIRECT MANUFACTURER AND SELLING FROM LAST 30 YEARS TOTALLY SAFE FOR BIRDS ALSO, MAKE IN INDIA PLEASE LOOK OTHER SIZES WE HAVE 6/8,6/10,7/3,4/6,10/15,20/10,5/11,6/15 AND MANY MORE
  • Size: 8x10 Feet Color:Green Material: Nylon
  • Most Effective Bird Control Method Without Harming Them
  • Does not block air or light, no visiblity problem
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