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Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins - Product Features
  • The 2nd edition of #1 Amazon Best-Seller For Home Studio Musicians, Producers and Engineers Looking to Skyrocket Their Mixing Skills.
  • Learn a Proven Step By Step Mixing Process That's Helped Thousands of Musicians and Engineers Like Yourself Make Amazing Mixes in Their Home Studio, Using Only EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, and Saturation
Zak George's Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog: Proven Solutions to the Most Common Training Problems for All Ages, Breeds, and Mixes - Product Features
  • Celebrity dog trainer and YouTube star Zak George creates the most watched dog training content in the world and has helped millions of people with their dogs. In this problem-based guide, he makes it easy to look up and solve the exact behavioral issue that you're struggling with?whether you?re dealing with a new puppy, an adult dog you?ve had for years, or a recently adopted rescue. He also helps you prevent many of these problems from becoming established in the first place.
Mix 'N Match: an enemies to lovers second chance romance (No Match for Love) - Product Features
  • Maid of honor Zoey Carlson doesn?t want to plan a billionaire?s super-secret destination wedding. That?s the bride?s job. But when an over-the-top bachelorette party accidentally tips off the paparazzi, she agrees to fly to Paris and finalize the plans herself. If Zoey goes to France while the bride stays in California, hopefully it?ll throw the press off the trail. Too bad Mitch, the uptight best man who drives her crazy, is coming with her.
  • For Mitch, keeping the big day under wraps is part of his job, and Zoey?s an attractive liability. When a reporter follows them to France, Mitch will do anything to keep the wedding paparazzi-free?even pretend he?s the one getting married.
Concrete Admixtures Handbook, 2nd Ed.: Properties, Science and Technology (Building Materials Science Series) - Product Features
  • Since the publication of the first edition ten years ago, significant developments have occurred in the use of admixtures in concrete. Eight new chapters and a full update of the preceding ten chapters bring this book up to date; reflecting the relative advances made in the science and technology of different groups of admixtures. The increased role and development of admixtures in concrete technology is evidenced by a number of conferences, publications, and novel admixtures available in the market place.
  • These developments in the field caused the modification of many chapters in the first edition in order to reflect the advances. Although individual chapters refer to standards and specifications of admixtures, those only interested in the standards or techniques used in investigating admixtures will find the second chapter (Research Technologies, Standards, and Specifications) useful. Admixtures are not as inert as may be presumed. They may chemically interact with the constituents of concrete and affect the properties of the fresh and hardened concrete and its durability. The third chapter deals with these aspects. It was important to devote a chapter to recent attempts in developing new admixtures.
The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel - Product Features
  • The Mistborn trilogy has become a firm favourite with fantasy fans the world over. The imagination that Sanderson brought to the series and his skill at marshalling epic storylines and dramatic action, his ability to create vivid characters made him a natural choice to complete Robert Jordan's epic wheel of time sequence. But with Mistborn, his standalone fantasies and his new series, The Stormlight Archive, Sanderson has shown his bountiful talents in his own fiction. Now he returns to the series that made his name with a new story set years after the events of Hero of Ages.
  • In a world recovering only slowly from evil, a world where allomancers wield immense power through their ability to unleash the magic bound up in common metals someone who can burn metals that no-one has burned before can tip the balance.
Design of CONCRETE MIXES - Product Features
  • The fifth edition of this hallmark book incorporates the latest developments in the field of concrete technology. While the conventional concrete ruled the twentieth century, high performance and nano concretes will dominate the construction industry in the twenty-first century. This edition incorporates the properties and applications of modern concretes with practical examples and presents in a lucid manner the method of proportioning the new concrete mixes.
ACI E4-12: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - Product Features
  • This document discusses commonly used chemical admixtures for concrete and describes the basic use of these admixtures. It is targeted at those in the concrete industry not involved in determining the specific mixture proportions of concrete or in measuring the properties of the concrete. Students, craftsmen, inspectors, and contractors may find this a valuable introduction to a complex topic. The document is not intended to be a state-of- the-art report, user?s guide, or a technical discussion of past and present research findings. More detailed information is available in ACI Committee Report 212.3R, ?Chemical Admixtures for Concrete? and 212.4R, ?Guide for the Use of High-Range Water- Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete.?
An Introduction to Chemical Admixtures, Sealers and Coatings for Concrete (Concrete Engineering) - Product Features
  • Introductory technical guidance for civil engineers, structural engineers and construction managers interested in admixtures, sealers and coatings for concrete.
Biopolymers and Biotech Admixtures for Eco-Efficient Construction Materials (Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering) - Product Features
  • Since 1930 more than 100,000 new chemical compounds have been developed and insufficient information exists on the health assessment of 95 percent of these chemicals in which a relevant percentage are used in construction products. For instance Portland cement concrete, the most used material on the Planet (10.000 million tons/year that in the next 40 years will increase around 100 %) currently used in around 15% of total concrete production contains chemicals used to modify their properties, either in the fresh or hardened state.
  • Biopolymers are materials that are developed from natural resources. They reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There is a worldwide demand to replace petroleum-based materials with renewable resources.
  • Currently bio-admixtures represent just a small fraction of the chemical admixtures market (around 20%) but with environmental awareness for constituents in construction materials generally growing (the Construction Products Regulation is being enforced in Europe since 2013), the trend towards bio-admixtures is expected to continue.
An Introduction to Chemical Admixtures for Concrete for Construction Managers (Construction Management Book 7) - Product Features
ACI 212.3R-16: Report on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - Product Features
  • This report reviews several categories and types of chemical admixtures and their use in unique concrete technologies. They are classified into 12 groups: air-entraining; normal, mid- and high-range water-reducing; accelerating; set-retarding; extended set-control; workability-retaining; viscosity- and rheology-modifying, shrinkage-reducing and shrinkage-compensating, and corrosion-inhibiting; lithium admixtures to reduce deleterious alkali-silica reaction; permeability-reducing; and miscellaneous.
  • Chemical admixtures are used on a daily basis in the cast-in-place and precast concrete industries. Mixture designs using multiple chemical admixtures are more common today. Their successful use requires compatibility, setting times, and early strengths that are appropriate to the placing environment. Each category of admixture addresses common use and the potential benefits of a properly proportioned concrete mixture to various professionals, including the concrete contractor, concrete producer, and design professional. The sustainability of chemical admixtures and their role in sustainable construction is addressed. Finely divided mineral admixtures, such as fly ash or raw and processed natural pozzolans, are addressed in ACI 232.2R and ACI 232.1R, respectively.
Potential Market Of Chemical Admixture (SUPERPLASTICIZER) In Indonesia (Indochemical Book 552) - Product Features
  • The use of superplasticizer for concrete mix in Indonesia is currently growing quite rapidly, including the use of chemical additives (admixture) in construction and infrastructure concrete. The purpose of using superplasticizer is to improve the quality of concrete and improve workability, but this use also requires better quality control. The use of superplasticizer especially with basic material of Sulphonate Naphthalene Formaldehyde Condensates (type N) and Polycarboxylate Ethers (type P) on workability, flowability, mortality strength development and compatibility with two types of local cement.
  • Currently, the latest development of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer has been widely used in concrete work especially on precast concrete, readymix and other cement-based materials because it can accelerate the hydration process in concrete to obtain high concrete strength value with reference to concrete age in days even in hour.
  • In Indonesia, the use of chemical additives (admixture) developed quite rapidly. Even the volume of superplasticizer supplements imports during 2010-2016 grew rapidly with an average growth rate of 14.8% per year, from 15,868 tonnes in 2010 doubling to 33,013 tonnes with a value of US$ 56.7 million or peaking at in 2012- 2013 or 37,818 tons ? 37,735 tons and the highest import value in 2014 reached US$ 80.8 million. In this special report, Indochemical is focused on the market of chemical substances for additives used by cement-based and concrete-based industries in Indonesia.
Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - Product Features
  • Chemical admixtures are used in concrete mixtures to produce particular engineering properties such as rapid hardening, water-proofing or resistance to cold. Chemical Admixtures for Concrete surveys recent developments in admixture technology, explaining the mechanisms by which admixtures produce their effects, the various types of admixtures avail
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