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Sigma's Cement Shakti Power Plus Complete Waterproofing Cement Chemical & Admixture (1 Litter, 5) - Product Features
  • waterproofing Chemical Admixture
  • 1 Litter
  • 2 Year Warranty Date On Products Printed
GREENO CHEMICAL CO. Lanter Mix Concrete Admixture 1 LTR. for 1200 kg Cementitious Concrete High Range Water Reducing Admixture - Product Features
  • Substantial improvements in workability and flow properties without any increase in water, reinforcement and require little (or no) vibration to achieve optimum compaction. The bond strength of concrete to reinforcing steel is considerably increased.
  • The internal friction and thixotropy of the mix is reduced to a minimum without the risk of segregation, thus making the concrete very much workable.
  • Very significant water reduction minimizes shrinkage or cracking, producing close textured impervious concrete with improved durability and surface finish. This is of particular importance in liquid retaining and water bearing structures. Suitable for use in most type of concrete above and below ground subject to surface water, water under pressure and aggressive atmospheric conditions.
  • For a given concrete mix keeping the cement consumption and workability constant, large reduction in the amount of mixing water (up to 30%) can be achieved to produce concrete of very high strength. Mainly over M-40 mixes GREENO LANTER MIX can be used along with micro silica keeping the flow parameters tight (60 -80 mm) for high initial and ultimate strength.
  • It can be used with all types of OPC, PPC, PFA, GGBFS, micro silica, metakaolin, including Sulphate resistant cement.
Thoro T1669 Acryl 60 Liquid Admixture, 1 gallon - Product Features
  • Thoro T1669 1 Gallon Acryl 60 Liquid Admixture
  • 100% acrylic polymer emulsion additive
  • This Product is manufactured in United States
SikaCim, Liquid waterproofing concrete and mortar admixture, for slabs, beams and columns, 1kg - Product Features
  • Convenient to handle since suitable for both concrete and mortar
  • PERFORMANCE: Improves water tightness to a great extent. Improves workability without increased water content
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use for all types of concrete and mortar such as slope roof slabs, flat roof slabs, beams, columns, slabs, internal and external plaster of buildings, repair and renovation
  • Performs multiple roles of water reducer as well as waterproofer
  • Compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement. No added chloride thus not contributing to corrosion of steel
BSD Organics Natural Hair oil mix with free bottle -100 ml - 1 number - Product Features
  • BSD Organice natural Hair oil mix: It is a Organic natural herbal mix.
  • Ingredients are Khus khus/ fenugreek/avaram senna/thavanam/curry leaf/ Bhringraj/hibiscus.
  • Usage: Pour the oil in hair mix bottle. You can apply this herbal oil on hair. And it will help to grow long hair and strong.
  • A organic herbal mixture is nothing but a collection of organic herbal ingredients good for long black hair.
  • It will help to moisture all type of the skin. Even for removing excess hair oil, fenugreek can be put to use.
  • As a bonding agent for uses in repair and plastering
  • Bonds rendering and coating layers
  • Bonding between successive concrete casts by incorporating SikaLatex SBR into bonding mortar
  • For waterproofing of roof slabs, sunken slabs, basements, retaining walls, water tanks, sunshades etc. in combination with cement
  • For making polymer mortar for repairs
  • Ensures high wear resistance against erosion
  • Long life and watertight masonry jointing
Waterproofing Admixture PR4 - Product Features
  • Premium quality
  • High performance
  • Easy to use
FAIRMATE Waterproofing Admixture Chemical ISI marked Fairplast IP, 200 g - Pack of 20 pouch - Product Features
  • Waterproofing chemical
  • Plaster mortar admixture
  • Waterproofing admixture
  • Waterproofing additive
  • Construction chemical
The Wandering Bean Blend Rich & Smooth French Vanilla Instant Coffee (40 Grams) - Product Features
  • Start your day off with our classic treat - French Vanilla! The sweet flavor is perfectly complemented with bold espresso notes for a delicious coffee beverage! This indulgent Coffee beverage is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while savoring your daily Wandering Bean moment!
  • ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR BLEND: This particular blend of The wandering bean coffee is created to keep you active through the day. It is a designed make you experience richness and flavor of arabica coffee blend in optimal caffeine
  • Its chunky granules lock the aroma and ?avour giving a strong & divine taste to the co?ee
  • Awaken your senses with rich aroma and taste of The wandering bean every morning
  • BOLDER, SMOOTHER and RICHER COFFEE - Experience the full-bodied, rich aftertaste of 100% freeze-dried. It's bolder, better and smoother than your regular cup of coffee. It?s perfectly balanced, yet it?s unlike anything you?ve ever experienced before.
  • TASTES LIKE COFFEE FROM YOUR FAVOURITE CAFE - Experience coffee that has a strong smooth finish
  • OTHER INFORMATION - Package Content: 40 Grams French Vanilla flavoured instant coffee powder | best coffee powder | delicious coffee powder | sugar free coffee powder | tasty coffee powder | instant coffee powder ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • How to use: 1. Take 2g coffee in a cup. 2. Add hot water/milk/sugar as desired 3. Stir well and enjoy
Genric Lanter Mix Concrete Admixture 1 LTR. for 1200 kg Cementitious Concrete - Product Features
  • Concrete Admixture
  • Strong Concrete
  • Good Finishing of Concrete
  • Low Water Dosage into Concrete
SUNANDA Polyalk WP (5 KG) waterproofing material for External Wall, Terrace, Roof Slabs, Sunk portion, Watertanks, Balcony - Product Features
  • High flexural strength and extraordinary adhesion
  • Alkaline and compatible with concrete
  • Prevents carbonation
  • Can be used as a base waterproofing coat
  • Tested as per DIN 1048 for permeability
  • Most effective and proven polymeric waterproofing solution
Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (Vanilla) - Pack of 3 - Product Features
  • Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
  • Vanilla Flavor
  • Pack of 3
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