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Concrete Technology - Product Features
  • The book is intended to help students of civil engineering and practicing civil engineers to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of concrete technology. It includes the latest specifications and regulations of Indian Standards (IS) for concrete construction and mix design.
  • The book includes 17 chapters covering introduction to concrete structures, properties and requirements of constituents of concrete including the role of various admixtures to get special properties. The properties of fresh concrete and hardened concrete and the method of testing them as per IS codes are explained in detail with neat sketches. The concrete mix design procedure as per latest IS provisions of IS 10262:2009 is explained and illustrated with examples for normal concrete as well as for fly ash mixed concrete. Concreting under challenging environments, quality control and repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structures are discussed thoroughly.
Structure of Materials: An Introduction to Crystallography, Diffraction and Symmetry - Product Features
  • This highly readable, popular textbook for upper undergraduates and graduates comprehensively covers the fundamentals of crystallography and symmetry, applying these concepts to a large range of materials. New to this edition are more streamlined coverage of crystallography, additional coverage of magnetic point group symmetry and updated material on extraterrestrial minerals and rocks. New exercises at the end of chapters, plus over 500 additional exercises available online, allow students to check their understanding of key concepts and put into practice what they have learnt. Over 400 illustrations within the text help students visualise crystal structures and more abstract mathematical objects, supporting more difficult topics like point group symmetries. Historical and biographical sections add colour and interest by giving an insight into those who have contributed significantly to the field. Supplementary online material includes password-protected solutions, over 100 crystal structure data files, and Powerpoints of figures from the book.
Construction: Purchasing Success Guide, Stay on Budget Through Your Supply Chain Management (Small Business, Project Management, Buying Guide, Procurement, Vendor, Estimating, Bidding) - Product Features
  • Construction: Purchasing Success Guide, Stay on Budget Through Your Supply Chain Management will teach you about different kinds of purchasers, choosing the right supplier, and why price is not the only criteria for success. If you?re a buyer, this book can dramatically improve your efficiency and profits!
  • When you download Construction: Purchasing Success Guide, Stay on Budget Through Your Supply Chain Management, you?ll learn about the essential qualities of buyers, such as integrity, receptivity to new learning, and adding value to the company. You?ll also find out how to develop your business relationships. By choosing the right people to work with, you can achieve much more in the long run, and avoid dramas and headaches.
  • Medhekar has worked in India and abroad in various construction related fields for more than 35 years. He continues to be attached to various educational institutions as a visiting faculty in his capacity as a senior professional engineer in Civil Engineering, specialising in project and construction management. He is a member of the Engineering Council of India (ECI). He has been active as a consulting engineer for the past ten years. He has written more than 150 technical articles in the local media. He is the author of a Marathi book, ?Disha Bandhkaam Navnirmiteechi.? He is a recipient of the Ideal Civil Engineer and Human Rights award for technical writing instituted by local organisations, for the year 2014.
Leed AP Bd+c V4 Exam Complete Study Guide (Building Design & Construction) - Product Features
  • even though the scope of the leed AP bd+c exam includes heavy technical terms and principles that may seem confusing at first, the book enables the reader to fully grasp the information by simply demonstrating it. As a result, the need for further research and struggle on the same topic is avoided, and the candidate will be equipped with solid knowledge to Coordinate leed projects in real life.
  • As leed V4 is quite different from former versions, the book is entirely written for leed V4 and is not updated from a Previous edition. All of the chapters contain strong guidance on the aspects that require extensive attention while the book points out the finer details to focus on for exam purposes. The case studies throughout the book demonstrate the real-life application of leed requirements, and the key things to remember sections At the end of each prerequisite/credit point out those elements that may seem not so important but may be encountered as questions on the exam. With the completion of the book, The reader can use the summary sheets to reinforce knowledge and ensure solid exam preparation.
Building Construction - Product Features
  • Reading books is a kind of enjoyment. Reading books is a good habit. We bring you a different kinds of books. You can carry this book where ever you want. It is easy to carry. It can be an ideal gift to yourself and to your loved ones. Care instruction keep away from fire.
Construction Chemicals - Product Features
  • Various construction chemicals and their applications are given in this book
A House Builder?s Handbook Building Materials, Construction And Maintenance: Essential Technical Information for Laymen undertaking House Construction and for the general use of Students - Product Features
  • Building one's own house is a dream entertained by every person, whatever be its size or level of amenities.
  • This book aims to serve as a guide to all those who wish to undertake house construction, in relation to architectural and structural design, selection of the right set of materials for construction, methods of construction and carrying out maintenance as a routine periodic activity. In short, the book tells the reader how much of engineering goes into every aspect of house construction which they ought to know, rather than choosing to remain blissfully ignorant of it.
  • The topics covered include, among others, municipal requirements, engineering design and drawing, types of soils and foundations, cement, steel, timber, ceramic products, production of sound concrete, damp-proofing and water-proofing, painting, plumbing, electrical connections, earthquake resistance and retrofitting, concrete repair chemicals, corrosion inhibition in steel, repair of leakages, anti-termite treatment, rain water harvesting, Vasthu, bar chart, cost estimating, etc.
Modern Approach To Physical Chemistry Ii: Structure And Chemical Dynamics: Vol. 2 - Product Features
  • Reading books is a kind of enjoyment. Reading books is a good habit. We bring you a different kinds of books. You can carry this book where ever you want. It is easy to carry. It can be an ideal gift to yourself and to your loved ones. Care instruction keep away from fire.
The A to Z of Practical Building Construction and Its Management - Product Features
  • This is an outstanding book on building construction, with qualitative contents and excellent production quality. It is an ideal book for Engineers, consultants, contractors and builders. Printed in large format, this book is easy to follow from management to planning and from execution to possession.
Construction of a Chemical-Microbial Pilot Plant for Production of Single-Cell Protein from Cellulosic Wastes - Product Features
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was introduced on December 2, 1970 by President Richard Nixon. The agency is charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA's struggle to protect health and the environment is seen through each of its official publications. These publications outline new policies, detail problems with enforcing laws, document the need for new legislation, and describe new tactics to use to solve these issues. This collection of publications ranges from historic documents to reports released in the new millennium, and features works like: Bicycle for a Better Environment, Health Effects of Increasing Sulfur Oxides Emissions Draft, and Women and Environmental Health.
Sealants in Construction (Civil and Environmental Engineering) - Product Features
  • The definitive guide to sealing operations in construction, this latest edition of Sealants in Construction focuses on the most current technology, methods, applications, and standards relevant to sealant performance. Providing guided direction on how to choose and apply sealants, determine the properties of those sealants, and test and establish the cause of sealant failures, it addresses the design and engineering of structurally glazed systems and the chemistry and properties of various generic types including silicones, hybrids, and urethanes.
  • Divided into two parts, the book first covers basic topics relevant to the practical side of construction sealants, and is geared toward those interested in choosing the proper sealant. The second half introduces advanced topics that are more technical, includes historical context along with practical examples, and is directed toward anyone requiring more depth in these areas.
Daily Practice Problems (DPP) for JEE Main & Advanced - Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding (Chemistry -Vol.1) - Product Features
  • Jee Main and Advanced is a matter of well-preparation with proper strategy and daily planning to achieve the right state of mind to be able to tackle any questions asked in the exam. Daily Practice Problems (DPP), a set of 26 books with a unique blend of Contents, designed to set the tone for the daily Practice of questions from the entire syllabus of PCM for JEE Main and Advanced has been a highly competent source among IIT JEE aspirants for a long time. The present edition of DPP for Atomic Structure & chemical Bonding Chemistry Vol-I aims to drive daily Practice for mastering the concepts of topics from structure of Atom, Redox Reactions, chemical Bonding and stoichiometry. Each of these sections is coupled with revisal problems, JEE Main and AIEEE archive, and JEE Advanced and IIT JEE archive for quick revision and to get the real feel of examination. Moreover, each DPP also accompanies their well-explained solution for self-evaluation. Well- structured with performance-driven resources, it is hoped that this book will maximise the chances of success in JEE Main and Advanced to the greatest.
Piping Engineering Leadership for Process Plant Projects - Product Features
  • James O. Pennock has compiled 45 years of personal experience into this how-to guide. Focusing on the position of "lead in charge," this book is an indispensable resource for anyone, new or seasoned veteran, whose job it is to lead the piping engineering and design of a project.
  • The "lead" person is responsible for the successful execution of all piping engineering and design for a project, technical and non-technical aspects alike. The author defines the roles and responsibilities a lead will face and the differences found in various project types.
Planning, Estimating, and Control of Chemical Construction Projects: 29 (Cost Engineering) - Product Features
  • Contains added chapters emphasizing the importance of choosing the correct project and defining project goals. Stresses the need for adequate front end loading (FEL) and outlines the responsibility of the venture manager in project selection. Provides updated case studies and examples on technical evaluation criteria, construction progress monitoring, offshore estimating, and more. The authors discuss such topics as initial involvement and plan of action, process design, regulatory compliance, risk analysis, project execution plan/master project schedule, estimating, contracting, detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, project control, contracts administration, communications, and plant start-up.
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