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TrueNorth 2 inch Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels (1x1 Ft) High Density Soundproof Foam Panels | Soundproofing Studio Acoustic Foam Home & Office Decreasing Noise and Echoes (Set of 4)

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Home » Acoustic & Thermal Insulation » TrueNorth 2 inch Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels (1x1 Ft) High Density Soundproof Foam Panels | Soundproofing Studio Acoustic Foam Home & Office Decreasing Noise and Echoes (Set of 4)

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Product Description :
Professional Acoustical Treatments for Studios, Vocal Booths, Recording Studios, and Control Rooms Our sound proof foam panels are used to remove reverberation and sound reflections, different from fiberglass and rock wool meterial, polyurethane foam which is made of 100% polyester fiber is safe enough to touch and breathe in. Excellent Acoustic Treatment For Multiple Occasions Not only great for spot treating sound in your studio but also for recording studios, control rooms, rehearsal rooms, YouTube/podcast recording, vocal booths, home theaters, home offices. Acoustic Foam Panels: Enhance the sonic properties of a room by effectively managing unwanted reverberations; Use to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within the room; Acoustic foam tiles are suited to placing on reflective surfaces to act as sound absorbers, thus enhancing the sound properties of a room; Acoustic foam panels typically suppress reverberations in the mid and high frequencies; To deal with lower frequencies, can be placed in the corners of a room together with acoustic foam bass traps(must be purchased separately) IT IS TO BE INSTALLED IN: Utility Rooms, Equipment Enclosures, Medical Facilities, Clean Rooms, Computer and Server Rooms, Office Equipment Rooms, Gun Ranges, Compressor Enclosures, Manufacturing Facilities, Recording Studios and many different places.

Product Details :
  • Item model number : Variations multiple of 4
  • Colour : Charcoal Black
  • Size : Set of 4
  • Manufacturer : TrueNorth
  • Country of Origin : India
Product Features :
  • CREATE YOUR DREAM STUDIO - Instantly step up the quality of your recordings by removing excess and unwanted sounds in your room. Create a professional grade studio at home.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PODCAST AND VOICEOVER RECORDINGS - Prevent ambient noises and sounds from entering into your podcast, voice-over, or YouTube recording sessions.
  • BE THE ENVY OF ALL YOUR FRIENDS - Give your gaming room that extra design aesthetic to create the ultimate gaming setup. Make your room pop out during streaming sessions.
  • PREMIUM DENSITY - Our sound absorbing foam has a density of 40kg/m3, 50% more dense than top competing products. These panels are excellent for recording studios, home theaters, vocal booths, control rooms, and offices.
  • SOUND ENHANCEMENT GUARANTEE - Our Acoustic Foam Panels are made with flexible, professional grade acoustic foam, made for quality sound absorption in a variety of soundproofing projects. The foam is dense and consistent in firmness, so acoustic absorption performance will also be consistent.

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