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GROFASTHUB Clay Balls for Plants Hydronts, Lightweight Expanded Clay for Aeroponics and Aquaponics, Aquaculture Plant Light Garden for Aquarium/Hydroponics/Indoor Plants - 1 kg (Approx 3-4 Liter)

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Home » Aggregates » GROFASTHUB Clay Balls for Plants Hydronts, Lightweight Expanded Clay for Aeroponics and Aquaponics, Aquaculture Plant Light Garden for Aquarium/Hydroponics/Indoor Plants - 1 kg (Approx 3-4 Liter)

By Brand : Grofasthub
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Product Description :
The hydroponic clay town provides excellent aeration and functions as a reservoir of water. clay balls are able to thrive with good aeration of the roots and are protected from rot, excess acidity, and clay balls pests. Hydroton is by far the most popular growing medium used in hydroponics. Although it can be adapted to any method of hydroponic gardening, it works especially well with Deep Water Culture, Drip and Ebb & Flow systems. One important thing to keep in mind is that it can float in systems that completely flood the root system. These types of systems should avoid using hydroton to keep plant roots from being disturbed. Material:Stone, Color:Pebbles Package Contents:1 Packet of Stone Material: Pebbles/Stone Uses, Terrariums, Vases, Flower Vases, Garden Patios, Pavements, Waterfalls And Realted Decorations, Water Fountains, Courtyard Gardens, Used In Aquariums And Artistic Monuments Usage : Used For Decorating Home And Parks, Landscaping, Wall Cladding/Aquariums, Garden Walks / Pathways Suitable For Fish Tank/Aquarium, Garden, Lawn, Table And Flower Vase. Used For Decor Purpose At Hotels, Restaurants As Well As In Households, Perfect For Flooring, Shower Floors & Walls And Pools/Aquariums Etc.We support individuals as well as enterprises to renew their existing landscapes and indoors, with live plants so that the surroundings look more beautiful and builds a positive feeling in the premises.

Product Details :
  • Manufacturer : EVERGREEN PLANTS
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Item model number : Clay Balls
  • Product Dimensions : 8 x 5 x 1 cm
  • ASIN : B09YHVC59K
Product Features :
  • The clay balls in this hydroponic system can absorb water. Additionally, these balls can be used to make a soulless orchid potting mix for succulents, cactus, and many other plants.
  • Used in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor gardening, aquariums Its porous composition make the potting mix light weight. Due to availability of various pores, it holds sufficient amount of water and drains excess water effectively
  • Overall, it ensures the good health of hydro stones for plants. Orchids are highly benefited by the use of clay balls. Hydraulic clay balls cause less root rot It is one of the most amazing things about clay soil pebbles that they last longer. It is ideal for soilless gardening to use hydroponic clay pebbles.
  • Clay pebbles for plants pots made of have improved aeration and root growth. They are lightweight and can also be used in clay hydroponic horticulture.
  • Sterile - It is produced in large rolling kilns that 'bake' it into its final shape. Since high temperatures are used, hydroton comes to the gardener as a sterile product. This is highly beneficial because you don't want to introduce disease and harmful bacteria into your garden.

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