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Jayamani Hydrotons, Leca Lightweight Expanded Aggregate popclay for Hydroponics and Aquaponics, 9L

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By Brand : JayaMani
Mrp Price : Mrp Price1000
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Product Description :
Leca stands for Lightweight expanded clay aggregate. Essentially it means they're baked clay balls that expand when you soak them in water. They're great as a medium for plants to grow in because it makes watering your plants much easier, you reduce the risks of getting pests, and you can easily "check-in" on your plants. The most important thing you have to think about when growing your plants in Leca is to never later their roots sit in water and to add a hydroponics fertilizer of some sort to your water. This way your plants get the nutrients they need and drink when they're thirsty. Hopefully, the benefits that Leca will give you may have been enough for you to give it a try!

Product Details :
  • Manufacturer : Jayamani, West Bengal
  • Country of Origin : India
  • ASIN : B08V92Y22W
Product Features :
  • Package Content:
  • Provides good oxygen levels around the root, suitable for flood and drain systems, multi-pot and drip feedsystems. Strong structural integrity means that they are less likely to break and compact, which helps to prevent dripper systems from getting blocked.8-16 mm pebble size range
  • Porosity 90%, Hydric Retention 20%
  • Recommended in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor gardening, aquariums
  • Size range 8mm - 12mm, with a density of 165 kg/m3

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