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SENECIO 5Ltr. LECA Lightweight Exclusive Clay Aggregate Pebble Clay Ball for Hydroponic Aquaponic

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By Brand : SENECIO
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Product Description :
Light weight exclusive clay aggregates is made from 100% natural resources from our own mines and manufactured with the help of technocrats in our own well equipped Plants which ensures best quality with effective cost thus making our product the best choice for your application. light weight exclusive clay aggregates offers as many superior salient features some listed below : The high quality of our light weight exclusive clay offers healthier and longer plant growth, development and beauty ? It allows best aeration for the soil ? Maintains the ground level temperature ? It allows complete freedom of root FEATURES It has more absorbing capacity than others and retains moisture for much longer saving water resources by reducing watering cycle by 2-3 times. LECA is much more porous and allows maximum aeration for better plant life sustaining ground level temperature and allowing maximum freedom at bottom for the plant roots. LECA being so light, and prevents water seepage on the flooring so its ideal for roof top and terrace gardening. LECA is so much lighter with a bulk density which is 50% lower and this allows cheaper and easy handling and reduced transportation costs. LECA is designed is more colourful and lends added attraction to the place of use. LECA is made from 100% natural resources Hydroton is most eco friendly product LECA is stronger and more rigid and offers extended life and multiple cycles of usage.

Product Details :
  • Manufacturer : SENECIO
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Package Dimensions : 25 x 20 x 8 cm; 1.35 Kilograms
  • ASIN : B0716G3FWQ
Product Features :
  • Porous, Inert and hygienic
  • Makes the plants in pots to look attractive,Has long life, high durability & can be reused
  • Mainly used for indoor containers and flower boxes, Bonsai Cultivation, Aquarium, Roof garden, Green vegetables cultivation
  • Used for flower beds in large buildings and complexes where great importance is given to cleanliness, aesthetics, functionality and easy maintenance.
  • Search SENECIO & GalexiaR for more quirky and exclusive collection

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