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Product Description :
Soundproofing and acoustic treatments are most important to reduce slap back sounds, echo, reverberation , blocking sound and isolate the sound frequencies. Acoustic Foam is best to reduce High and Mid frequencies at different Hertz. However they also absorb some amount of low frequencies too. MMT Acoustix Acoustic foam are made with German infrastructure to provide precise cuts for maximum sound diffusion and absorption of the sound waves. Sound hitting the acoustic foam surface gets diffused and absorbed by technical designing on the surface of the acoustic foam panel providing the best quality sound recording and playback. MMT Acoustix Acoustic Foam is the only acoustic foam panels in India which provides guaranteed acoustic treatment on 50% wall coverage and also sound isolation on 100% wall coverage.

Product Details :
  • Package Dimensions : 45 x 25 x 10 cm; 2 Kilograms
  • Item model number : MMT-1PYR-O-6x3
  • Region of Origin : Southern-asia
  • Item Weight : 2 kg
  • Manufacturer : MMT Acoustix
Product Features :
  • MAXIMUM SOUND ABSORPTION: Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels are made with original acoustic polyurethane open cell technology to absorb all the kinetic energy of the sound and convert them to heat energy. The angles and software cutting of the product is no match with any other acoustic product in the market. Easy to apply using MMT Acoustix Spray Adhesive/ SR Adhesive ( Not Included with the product )
  • BEST FOR ACOUSTIC TREATMENT & SOUNDPROOFING: On 100% wall coverage it will isolate your sound upto 10 DB and on limited wall coverage it will only do the acoustic treatment/echo absorption. Best for recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home theatres, classrooms, youtube video recordings, voice over studios, machine canopies , Hotels, Basements etc.
  • NOISE REDUCTION COEFFICIENT : The NRC of the product is 0.65 and STC is 10. High density acoustic foam by MMT Acoustix has an ability to absorb 65% of the sound that strike it?s surface. Pyramid Acoustic Foam also diffuses the sound due to its specialized designing.
  • HIGH DENSITY ACOUSTIC PANEL: MMT Acoustix acoustic foams are produced in house using German chemicals to maintain consistent product quality. The density of the product is 50kg/m3, which is not available with any other brand in the market.
  • WARRANTY AND CERTIFIED: All MMT Acoustix products are certified by SGS, ARAI and ISO for its quality and customer satisfaction. Company offers a product quality warranty of 1 year. Each Pack contains 1 Sht of 6x3 Ft Acoustic Foam in 1? Thickness ? Covers total 18 sqft.

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