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NewYouth Car Tire Pump, Digital Tyre Inflator, 12V Portable Air Compressor Pump, 150 Psi Auto Portable Car Tire Inflator Pump with and Tyre Pressure Checking for Car Tires, Bike and Inflatables - Product Features
  • Rapid Inflation & Pressure Check: The tire pump can inflate the tire quickly in about 60 seconds. Once connected, it will automatically display the current tire pressure.
  • LED Lighting & Portable Design: Built in bright LED can provide lighting for tire inflation at night. The compact and lightweight design makes it easier to carry.
  • Multi Purpose: The automobile tire pump has three different inflation nozzles, which can inflate the tires of automobiles, bicycles, balls, motorcycles, kayaks, medium-sized SUVs and motorcycles, as well as the balls, air cushions, hovercraft, balloons, swimming pools and swimming circles.
  • Intelligent Digital Display: The electric tire inflator is equipped with a large and bright display screen and accurate pressure measurement to help you adjust the pressure value.
  • Long Service Life: His tire pump can inflate the tire quickly in about 30 seconds. The metal cylinder can dissipate heat in a short time to ensure the long service life of the pump.
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